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   Chapter 425 The Emperor's Interrogation (Part Two)

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"That is a slander," answered Harper, scowling. "I was unconscious at that time. How could I save Matthew? What am I, a god?"

Remembering then that he had investigated those events, the emperor wasn't sure what to say. It was true that Matthew's legs were cured when Harper was in a coma. Then again, it was possible that she had cured him and then passed out.

"I asked you to keep watch on Matthew. Did you do as I said?" he asked after a moment.

"Matthew is always at home, except for when he has to go sign official documents or visit the military camp," Harper said blandly. This was not good enough. The emperor gritted his teeth. "Do you think I can't do anything to you now, just because you are Matthew's wife?"

"I wouldn't dare to imagine such a thing."

The monarch's fist pounded against the table. "You lie! But in either case, even if I killed you, no one would dare to do anything to me!"

"You're the ruler of the country. You can kill anyone whenever you like." Despite all the emperor's bluster, Harper was confident that he could only go so far. Even if he did make up his mind to kill her, he'd have to weigh the consequences first.

"Then you've practically admitted that you have betrayed me!" the emperor accused, clenching his fists. He might have tried to tear her limb from limb by himself. To be outwitted by a woman was something he couldn't abide.

"Absolutely not," retorted Harper. She had never crossed the emperor, yet he had taken advantage of her, and gotten her to say something against her will.

At that moment, the emperor was out of patience. Gesturing at her, he cried, "Gu

all these years, and he'd endured them all. Today, though, he couldn't stand it anymore. If he hadn't been tipped off and rushed here as soon as he did, he couldn't imagine what would've happened to Harper. "Try it if you want. Try it and see what happens."

This had been an unusual day for all of them. As for the emperor, he was so angry that he almost lost his mind. He, too, remembered the many years in which he had abused the man in front of him without ever being challenged for it, and now here that man was, talking back to him. Dangerous though it might be to provoke him, the emperor couldn't stand it! "You think I won't? Have you chosen this moment to rebel against me at last?"

"Rebel?" Matthew sneered. Had he not been holding his trembling wife in his arms at that moment, he might have ended up killing more than two people in the Imperial Study that day. "Your Majesty, I hope you can behave yourself from now on. I won't take what you have done up until now seriously. But I can promise you this: If you dare to touch my wife again, I will destroy your country!"

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