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   Chapter 420 Hoffman's Ambition (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6254

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"I don't understand," Hoffman murmured, baffled.

Harper was a problem, to be sure, but she was little more than a meddler with nothing going for her but some simple medicinal skills. And the rumors about her were truly obscene. How could she have been able to affect this situation with the crown prince?

Howard rubbed his temple as though he was suffering from a headache. "Felix has awakened. He was afflicted with the poison, Lethal Seven, for which no one had an antidote. But now he's come around, after Prince Matthew and his wife entered the palace. Do you understand yet, Your Highness?" Glancing aside, he gnashed his teeth. "Damn all these meddlers! If not for such people, Felix would have been killed on the spot!"

"You mean, Harper has cured Felix!" cried Hoffman.

The other man nodded grimly. "Not only that, but I fear that Harper pressured him to testify on Prince Matthew's behalf, and officially declare to His Majesty that Prince Matthew had no part in this assassination attempt. When that's done, none of the officials will be able to continue impeaching Prince Matthew. His Majesty will not allow it, if only for the sake of his own reputation."

At that moment Bill Zhou, a bodyguard of Hoffman, entered the room. "Your Highness, news from the Imperial Palace."

"What is it?"

"Crown Prince Felix is not only awake, but stable, safe and sound," the man reported gravely. "He has informed His Majesty that Prince Matthew has covertly sent people to keep him under guard at all times. Also, the mysterious master our men encountered works for Prince Matthew." The three men traded looks of either dread or outrage. Their attempts to assassinate Felix and to frame Matthew for it had both failed, and so they had offended both men at the same time. They were on thin ice now, and would have to tread lightly in the imperial capital.

s of you. After I wake up, you are the first one to see me."

"Father ordered me to investigate this assassination attempt. I heard that you were awake, so I wanted to see you as soon as possible. It's great that you are all right. As for the assassins and the details of the incident, I'll come and ask you later, when you're feeling better." Saying this, Hoffman stood up and was about to say farewell.

"I think Murry knows every detail about it. I'll have him fill you in," Felix replied, raising an eyebrow. He turned to one of his attendants nearby. "Murry, accompany Hoffman out and tell him what went on."

"Yes, Your Highness." At once Murry was in motion. After pulling up the curtains, he gave a bow to Hoffman. "Your Highness, this way, please."

"Goodbye, Felix," Hoffman said and headed out.

A mocking smile creased Felix's face as he watched the two men go. 'Hoffman was in such a hurry to come and see me, but here I am, still alive. He must be very disappointed.'

To keep up appearances, Hoffman had Murry give him every detail of the assassination attempt. The man didn't hide anything that had happened that day, and even talked about the fact that it was Matthew who had sent people to protect the crown prince.

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