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   Chapter 416 Rescue The Crown Prince (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6037

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Felix had suffered a serious poison attack that threatened his life. The imperial physicians were at their wits' end. The entire Eastern Palace was in chaos.

The emperor was exasperated that the real culprit had not been caught yet, even though the assassin had confessed that Matthew hired him to kill Felix. Yet, when Hoffman tried to interrogate the assassin, the latter took the chance to bite his own tongue off and thereby commit suicide from blood loss. Due to insufficient evidence after the assassin's suicide and his unverifiable testimony, Matthew couldn't be convicted.

"Your Majesty, Prince Matthew is here to visit Crown Prince Felix," Ken reported to the emperor. At that hour, the palace gate was locked up. Even though Matthew was a brother of the emperor, he could not enter the palace without permission, and after all, he was still formally under house arrest.

"Is he going to visit Felix now?" The emperor was furious. He thought madly, 'I know he sent someone to assassinate Felix with poison. Why does he want to visit Felix now? Does he really want to see Felix die?'

Ken did not dare to look at the emperor's ferocious face, and explained the reason immediately. "Yes, Your Majesty. Prince Matthew said that Princess Harper can save Crown Prince Felix. That's why I'm here to report this to you."

"What did you say? Harper can save Felix?" the empress asked. She had been weeping in despair for a long time. When she heard what Ken said, she rushed to the emperor. "Your Majesty, please let them in to see Felix. The imperial physicians are unable to save Felix. Please allow Harper to have a try."

The emperor frowned, but didn't refuse. He ordered at once, "Allow Matthew and Harper into the imperial palace."

The emperor couldn't resist looking at Harper first

he diagnosis, Harper was confident that Felix was indeed poisoned with the Lethal Seven. She frowned and felt provoked by the coincidence, but she had no time to think much about the plot behind this coincidence. She took out the needle bag and placed the needles in his meridians speedily. She had to temporarily seal up the poison in his body with silver needles. The Lethal Seven was highly toxic, and normal detoxifying pills wouldn't work. The only cure was for Felix to drink her blood. However, with everyone's eyes on her, she couldn't use her own blood. Also, she was not willing to do that. Thus, she had no choice but to use a more troublesome method, by bleeding Felix.

Seeing Harper was doing an acupuncture treatment for Felix, Kenny wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "Your Highness, may I help you?"

"Yes. Please get some medicine with the hematopoietic function. The Lethal Seven is very poisonous and has no antidote. To save Felix, we have to replace his blood. But he may die if we make the slightest mistake in the process." Harper looked vexed. "His current condition doesn't allow us to replace much of his blood. Let's take a little of his blood and test it first."

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