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   Chapter 409 Felix Was Assaulted (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7197

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"Whatever happened, it was probably nothing good," Lucas answered. "I'll go and find out. Why don't you head back?"

"All right."

Word spread fast, and soon everyone in the Imperial Palace was curious about the arrival of the herald on horseback. They were anxious, too, and no one was more so than the emperor, who thought that perhaps a foreign country was invading their territory. No such thing was happening, but he was plenty disturbed when the message reached him at last.

"Your Majesty," said the herald. "His Highness, Crown Prince Felix, has been assaulted in Pear County. Poisoned and unconscious, he is dying."

Thunderstruck, the emperor dropped the teacup that was in his hand. "What did you say? What happened to Felix?"

"Your Majesty, His Highness was assaulted in Pear County. He was poisoned and lost consciousness," the man repeated gravely. "None of the accompanying physicians was able to do anything to help. The group is on their way back to the imperial capital as we speak." Felix was the designated heir to the throne of the country. The sudden loss of such an important man would have grave consequences for the stability of the imperial court, as well as the entire nation.

"Where precisely is he now?" demanded the emperor.

"His Highness was assaulted yesterday, hundreds of miles away in Pear County," replied the herald. "I was immediately dispatched to report to Your Majesty, and traveled without stopping for any reason. As for His Highness, I would estimate that his carriage has covered less than a hundred miles by now. I doubt he will reach the imperial capital in less than a few days."

"You said that Felix was poisoned. What poison?"

"I do not know, Your Majesty," said the man solemnly. "The physicians on hand could do nothing to help His Highness. That was why they decided to bring him back to the imperial capital."

The emperor was greatly shocked. Although he disliked Felix for forming a faction, he was still satisfied with his performance as the crown prince. If he were to die, the court would inevitably be engulfed in yet another turbulent period. Besides, though the emper

e public. Nobody knew the route he was going to take, except for the handful of officers who accompanied him. So I would have to guess that the murderer must have a spy by Felix's side."

"Anything else?"

"I don't know whether I'm right or not," Hoffman continued, scratching his head. "But Felix is really a skilled martial artist, even on his own. It seems to me that any successful attack against him would have to have taken him by surprise, when he was off guard. So the assassin must be someone Felix was familiar with or not vigilant against."

"Then who do you think might be the murderer?" Saying this, the emperor fixed his dull eyes on Hoffman, not missing any of his subtle expressions. Matthew might have assaulted Felix, but Hoffman might also have done so. If Felix were to die, then Hoffman would be the only son of the emperor who was able to shoulder the burden of being the crown prince. His second son, Walden, was incapable; his third son, Jason, was outside all the year round; his sixth son, Francis, was sick in bed; finally, his eighth son, Lucas, was a playboy. The emperor thought it over again and again. Despite the new possibilities, he still thought that Hoffman was the most likely suspect. If Matthew had been the one to attack Felix, then Felix would surely have died on the spot. When he wanted someone dead, Matthew wasn't the type to leave them any chance of surviving, poison or no poison.

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