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   Chapter 405 A Dangerous Situation (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5828

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"Sounds like you would be sad if your parents died," Harper murmured, then turned to the monk again. "Master Chodak, who is this man that has such a deep resentment for you? Did you date him and then dump him before you became a monk?"

Chodak replied, "Harper, please choose your words with more care." He man was not used to the way she was speaking. Harper was a considerate lady who wouldn't make people feel embarrassed. He had no idea what was wrong with her that her words made him feel awkward.

The masked man was completely enraged by Harper's words, and he charged toward her immediately. Chodak stepped in front of Harper, intercepting the attack, and the two began to grapple.

Meanwhile, Selina was in a bad state, unable to move at all. Her face was as dark as ink, and she seemed about to die because of the poison at any moment. She stared at Harper with an endless malice. If looks could kill, Harper would have dropped on the spot.

"Harper, I had no idea you were on such good terms with the former crown prince of the Great Jade Kingdom," Selina hissed. "Well, you've got a great opportunity here. Why not hook up with Master Chodak? That way you can rely on him if the Bright Dynasty doesn't work out..."

"You'd better worry about yourself," said Harper, drawing near to the discarded bow and quiver on the ground. Aiming an arrow at the golden-masked man, she added, "Besides, I've never thought much of relying on someone else in order to live."

The next instant, the arrow left the string, streaking past Master Chodak's ear. Its target twitched his head, just barely avoiding it, and the two men broke apart.

The masked man turned toward Harper, his tone heated. "Woman, don't court..." Before he could

Matthew himself might be.

For his part, Fred did not respond to his name being called, instead keeping up his attack. Chodak frowned and said, "He has lost his mind."

Gritting her teeth, Harper took out another arrow. The monk caught sight of her applying some substance to the projectile, and his intuition told him it was something bad. "Chodak!" the woman called. "Catch him!"

"Very well!" With that, Chodak blocked Fred's sword again. Keeping his hold on it, Chodak strafed, giving Harper a clear shot at the man, and a second later the arrow whistled into the guard's shoulder. Incredibly, Fred didn't seem to notice, instead continuing to struggle, trying to break free from Chodak's grasp.

"I can't hold him any longer!" Chodak warned, then gave Fred a shove as he lost his grip entirely. Even as he stumbled back, Fed swept his blade before him, slashing through the trunk of a tree right beside his opponent.

"I can't believe how strong he is!" Harper cried in dismay, watching Fred prepared to renew his assault. "He is immune to my drug! It should be able to stop an elephant, but to him it's like nothing? Oh, Matthew, where are you?!"

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