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   Chapter 404 A Dangerous Situation (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6123

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After hearing what Selina said, Harper felt a cold shiver run down her spine and she stood still.

"I've been wondering why Prince Matthew would choose you as a wife. It turns out you've been hiding your strength all the time." A man's cold voice came from behind Harper. His tone was gentle, but she was instantly gripped by fear.

"Master..." Selina addressed the man behind Harper respectfully.

"What a good-for-nothing!" The man stared at Harper's back and ordered, "Give me the antidote, Your Highness."

Harper slowly turned around and saw that the man wore a golden mask. Spread her hands before her, she steeled herself and answered, "I have no antidote."

"How can you not have the antidote?" he retorted. "What if you poisoned your people by mistake?"

"The poison is my last resort to get out of danger, and there is no antidote to it," Harper explained. "If there were my people around, I wouldn't have used the poison in the beginning." Saying this, she coughed and swallowed the blood rising in her throat.

"Master, I'm fine. Let's kill her!" Selina said angrily. Originally she had wanted to spare Harper's life, but Harper trying to kill her changed that.

Instead of answering her, the man asked Harper, "How about making a deal with me?"

"Do I have the right to refuse?" replied Harper with a smile. She knew, of course, what his answer would be. It was the way of things; she was prey, and they were predators.

The man was frank about it. "You have the right to either accept or to die."

"Well...all right, let's hear it. Let's see if I find it agreeable." Saying this, Harper leaned against the nearby tree trunk. She knew she couldn't get rid of such an enemy on her own. For the moment, her only chance was to stall for time. 'Matthew, please come as soon as possible, ' she thought.

is the national temple, and it is reasonable for me to work for the Bright Dynasty."

"Ha! This is a fine joke indeed," retorted the masked man derisively. "First you're the crown prince of the Great Jade Kingdom, next you're here, lowering yourself to the office of imperial monk in the Bright Dynasty. Ridiculous!"

This came as a shock to Harper. It was incredible to think that Chodak was the rightful crown prince of the Great Jade Kingdom, yet he had given it up to become a monk in the Bright Dynasty.

"Master Chodak, did you once love a woman, and then lose her? And then, because you couldn't bear the blow of her death, you decided to shave and become a monk?" Harper couldn't help but speculate. Had she guessed right, the story would be a familiar one. There had once been an emperor who had taken the same course, leaving his throne for monastic life after his beloved consort had died.

The corners of Chodak's mouth twitched. "Harper, you think too much."

"He's right; you do think too much!" goaded the masked man. "The man by your side is a heartless and cold-blooded monster. How could he have ever loved a woman? Why, his parents could die right in front of him, he would not shed a tear."

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