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   Chapter 399 Falling Off The Cliff (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5265

Updated: 2020-05-05 00:12

Everything happened in such a short time that no one was able to react well. When Fred was pushed down, he tried to push Harper away from the edge. However, the soldier pounced down on her, attempting to stab the dagger in Harper's chest.

"Damn it!" Fred swiftly put himself between Harper and her attacker. The man's dagger plunged into Fred's shoulder, and in a flash, Harper pulled an arrow out of her quiver, and stabbed it into the man's eye.

"Ah!" he screamed. The attacker was badly hurt and loosened his grasp. He fell off the cliff with a sad and shrill scream, which was vaguely familiar to Harper.

"Hailey Chu! It's you!" Harper finally realized who the person was. It was Hailey, who had been missing. She had thought that Hailey fell terminally ill and perhaps died after her poisoning. But it turned out that she had been hiding in the dark, just waiting for an opportunity to kill Harper.

"Harper!" Nobody foresaw that the moment Zack turned around, Harper would fall off the cliff.

"Your Highness!" Elsie wanted to jump off the cliff. Someone had hit an acupoint on her leg, and that was why she had fallen down and knocked Harper over.

"What are you doing?" Lord Xie rapidly extended one hand to stop Elsie, and blocked Zack's way with the other. He was afraid that Zack would jump off the cliff after Harper.

"Why are you stopping me? We have to save Lady Harper!"

"How can we save her when we can't see her?" Lord Xie objected in a feeble manner.

"Get down, damn it! If anything happens to her, every one of you will die!" Zack shoute

immediately dived back down, pulled the unconscious man and swam ashore.

Using all her strength, Harper dragged Jack onto the shore. She was relieved to find that he had just fainted from the impact of the fall. When she was about to look for Fred, who had fallen down first, she saw him stumble towards her.

"Fred. Thank God, you are all right," she said and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Are you all right, Your Highness?" Fred asked.

"I'm fine, but Jack has passed out." Fred gave Jack a vicious kick to his stomach. He woke up gasping in pain, but Fred kicked him again right away, sending him back into the lake. "What a good-for-nothing! Why did you fall off the cliff with Her Highness? Don't say you have excellent flying skills anymore! Shame on you!"

When Jack climbed out of the lake, he wanted to fight Fred, but when he saw the fierce anger on Fred's face, he held back his resentment and said, "The situation seems pretty bad!"

"Indeed," Harper agreed. They were surrounded by enemies again before they even knew it.

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