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   Chapter 394 Warning The Crown Prince (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7364

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After the imperial court session got over, Matthew stopped Felix and offered to leave the palace together. This was something rare.

Felix felt flattered and overwhelmed by this unexpected offer. It was known to everyone that Matthew was somebody who rarely walked with others. To be more precise, he never paid much attention to anyone. But now, he himself proposed to leave with Felix. Although Felix felt quite unbelievable hearing Matthew's offer, his gut feeling was that Matthew was up to no good.

"Uncle Matthew, do you have something to tell me?" Felix asked calmly. Despite the fact that Matthew was his uncle, deep inside, his feelings for Matthew was complicated. He would end up being very happy if Matthew's offer were to team up with him or help him. Matthew had his own army and what Felix wanted the most was an additional military power. If Matthew really supported him, then Felix could really secure his throne.

"Yes. Has your inspection trip to the south been decided? When will you set off?" Matthew asked. The look on his face was cold, and he sounded quite businesslike. Nobody could predict what he thought of or what his attitude was.

Felix was confused to hear this strange question. Keeping his doubts within, he answered in a calm tone, "Yes. The time has been decided. We will set off to the south in another three days. But the people who would be joining me in the inspection trip are yet to be decided."

Hearing that, Matthew nodded his head with a cold face. "Will you be taking any guards along with you?"

"Father has arranged a group of palace guards for my protection. In addition, I will be bringing several other guards," Felix replied. He became more anxious when he heard Matthew's question. He was well aware that Matthew never cared about others and if at all he cared for someone, it was just for Harper. But his intentions behind asking these questions were unclear. He also doubted if Matthew's intention was to take advantage of this chance and strike an offensive against him.

Felix broke out in a cold sweat on his forehead at the thought of this. If Matthew really intended to strike him, then his chances of surviving the inspection trip

hat you are here," Felix said before he burst out into laughter. "You're getting more and more beautiful and Uncle Matthew, you are so lucky to have her as your wife."

"Please have some tea, Your Highness," Harper said as she poured a cup of tea for Felix. "Enjoy it and see if it tastes good for you."

Felix picked up the teacup gracefully and took a sip. The taste of the tea lingered around his tongue. After swirling it in his mouth for a while, he swallowed it. "Fantastic tea. I didn't know that you are so good at making tea."

"Let's cut the crap. We have something to tell you, and that's why we invited you here today," Matthew interrupted and went straight to what it mattered. Although he was happy to hear his wife being praised, he felt quite sullen when a man praised her like that. Felix's words were not truly in appreciation to her but he was just being polite.

"Please go ahead, Uncle Matthew," Felix responded at once.

"I got information that Hoffman is planning for a strike at you halfway during your inspection," Matthew told him.

It seemed that Felix had already known about this news. He was not at all surprised after hearing Matthew, and he said, "Since Hoffman had stayed in the south domain all the time, he is not fully aware of the situation in the imperial capital. There is just one way to secure the support of the officials as fast as possible—either killing me or replacing the crown prince with somebody else."

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