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   Chapter 380 The New Prime Minister (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7014

Updated: 2020-04-26 00:02

Matthew might dislike Zack, but he would never deal with him in some underhanded way. Terrified by Matthew's ominous aura, Zack's horse kept kicking around restlessly. To make sure that no one got hurt, Zack tied the rope tightly to prevent the horse from running wild.

When Matthew finally left with Harper, the parade continued after the little disturbance on the street. With a sigh of disappointment, Lucas said, "What a pity. I thought there was going to be a good show to watch. Surprisingly, nothing happened."

"Are you kidding me?" Lilian tried to brush the goose bumps on her arms. Even though she was watching from a distance, she could still sense the cold aura emitted by Matthew. Yet, Zack managed to sit still and act as though nothing happened at all. Seeing this, she was actually quite impressed.

"I was looking forward to watching Uncle Matthew engage in an intense brawl with Zack. I never expected that they would just let it slide that easily. What a shame! Do you still remember how Uncle Matthew didn't show any mercy when he beat Shawn up? In the end, Shawn was beaten so badly that he had to lay in bed for several days," Lucas said, sounding like he was seriously not satisfied about how things turned out.

"Zack is just a frail scholar. If Uncle Matthew actually beats him up, he may end up dead. If that happens, Aunt Harper will never forgive him. Don't forget that Zack is a good friend of hers!"

"You're still a kid. Kids know nothing about how the adults' world works." Lucas waved his hand, brushing her off in disagreement. What he wanted to know was whether or not Franklin, the old fox of the Bu Clan, would do something to get revenge on him if Matthew laid his hands on Zack.

Feeling so irritated, Lilian pouted and left right away. She was planning to wait at the gate of the imperial monk's mansion, hoping that she would be able to get the chance to sneak in and see the man she loved.

Philip was just a simple member of the Imperial Academy in the past. But all of a sudden, he became lucky enough to be promoted to the position of the prim

on on his face. After all, today was his first day as the newly-appointed prime minister. All the courtiers came over to congratulate him. Even though he was supposed to open the gate to welcome his fellows, he decided against it. Instead, he simply closed the gate, keeping all the visitors outside.

"Felix, Philip has been known as a stubborn conservative. Do you think it's going to work?" Walden anxiously asked. At the end of the day, they didn't know much about Philip. All they knew was that he had been a member of the Imperial Academy for six years. Throughout those years, he had been working hard and had never committed a single mistake. Because of his upright character, he had been shunned by others in the Imperial Academy. But in the face of it all, he still hadn't gone with the stream and always remained righteous by himself, turning him into a freak in the Imperial Academy. With that in mind, Walden doubted such a freak could be bought off.

"I am not trying to buy him off!" Felix slowly uttered. Truth be told, he wanted Philip to support him at his own volition. Philip hadn't become a father until he was already over thirty years of age when his wife finally gave birth to a girl. Because of this, the couple treasured their daughter very much. With that in mind, Felix reckoned that Philip would be willing to work for him if he were to do something to his daughter.

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