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   Chapter 363 The Results Were Announced (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6622

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After a quick scan, Carlson couldn't find Zack's and George's names. He turned around, intending to talk to Zack, only to find that Zack was nowhere to be seen, thanks to the crowd.

"Let's leave now. There are too many people. We can come back when the crowd gets reduced," Zack suggested as he protected Harper and walked out of the crowd. He was worried about somebody taking advantage of the situation and trying to kidnap her as she had a special identity.


Harper merely replied. She wasn't the kind who enjoyed the crowd. The reason why she came here and watched the list was because it had something to do with Zack. But since there was a big crowd to check the results, she regretted coming there. She never expected this.

After a lot of efforts, they were finally able to squeeze out of the crowd. Their clothes were crumpled, and Harper adjusted her clothes while looking at the people who were checking their rankings. She couldn't help but shake her head, as suddenly, she discovered that the jade pendant on her waist was missing.

"What's wrong?" Zack asked after seeing change in Harper's facial expression.

"My jade pendant is missing. It probably got squeezed out in the crowd," Harper said in a soft voice. Fortunately, it wasn't something that important.

"I'll find it," Zack said at once.

"Forget it. It's nothing important. Just forget it. It's impossible to find it out from this crowd," she said.

"But…" Zack wasn't sure.

"It's fine. It's just a jade pendant," Harper said with a smile. "We can search for it when the crowd gets thinner."

"Okay." Zack agreed to Harper's suggestion. Zack and Harper then waited there patiently. Soon, Lucas and Caroline forced their way out of the crowd as well. They looked quite disheveled. They were surprised seeing Harper and Zack who were both well-dressed.

"Oh my God! This is too crazy. I had to try my best to get out of the crowd," Lucas groaned. His clothes were loose an

s been very kind to me," Harper said. She always spoke well of Matthew. Back when she married him, everyone looked down upon her. They even cursed her to die in the wedding hall. Now that she had married Matthew, she had been living a happy life. Moreover, he loved her very much. His love for her had aroused the admiration of many women outside. She understood her partner quite well. She always cherished his love and was never going to forgo him.

Felix grinned mischievously and said, "Now Uncle Matthew is well-known in the imperial capital. The girls didn't dare to marry him because rumor had it that anyone who married him would die young. But now, that rumor has been proven wrong. I'm afraid there are a large number of unmarried women who want to be his concubines. You should be more careful. Men are always fond of the new and tired of the old."

"Thanks for your advice. I shall keep it in mind," Harper said slowly. If Matthew were to really fall in love with another woman, it meant that they had already broken up and the love between them had been gone long. In that case, she would never force him to stay by her side. Instead, she would leave him and set him free without any hesitation. Probably she would feel pained the moment he left, but time would erase her of all the pain and heal her.

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