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   Chapter 319 A Scheme (Part One)

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Looking at herself in the bronze mirror, Harper couldn't contain her amazement.

The wound on her neck was completely healed. She had stung her neck last night, but only one day later, the wound was gone, and there was no mark left. If she hadn't stabbed herself, she would doubt whether she was awake or only dreaming.

"Your Highness." Nina was knocking on the door. "Physician Kenny is here to change your dressing."

Harper frowned. She wrapped her neck quickly and went back to bed. Even if her wound was healed, she couldn't let others know. Such an astonishing speed of recovery would attract too much attention and get herself into trouble.

"Let him in."

Kenny followed Nina into the room. He put the medicine box on the floor, opened it and took out the dressing. When he raised his head, he saw Harper looking at him. He swallowed and said, "Your Highness, I've been ordered by His Majesty to change your dressing."

"No, thanks, Physician Kenny." That same morning, when Harper woke up, she was unable to make a sound. Now that it was evening, her voice was still a bit hoarse, but at least she could speak.

Kenny said in a trembling voice, "Is the dressing not good, Your Highness?"

"No, it's not like that, Physician Kenny. I have changed the dressing myself," Harper touched her neck and said softly. "Physician Kenny, there's no need to worry. I am an imperial physician as well. Women are very concerned about their appearances. My neck was hurt, and I don't want a scar to be left. So I used my own dressing. I'm very sorry if I cause you any trouble."

"That's all right, Your Highness. We all know about your excellent medical skills. Since you have taken care of it yourself, I'm leaving now."

"Nina, walk Physician Kenny out."

"Physician Kenny, please."

After sending Ke

ace. Lady Maria, Prince Lucas' mother, and Princess Lilian visited her during this period. As she looked pale and weak, they went away after sitting and chatting with her for a while.

"Your Highness, some news." Forsythia came in to report.

Harper sat up and asked, "Is there any news from Matthew?"

"Prince Kevin is in the hands of His Highness, who is escorting him into the imperial capital in secret. When he arrives, Prince Kevin will be in court to testify against Mister Howard for their collusion," Forsythia reported in a low voice. "His Highness will return soon."

Harper's eyes lit up. "It will be wonderful to have him here so soon. Send a message to Matthew, asking him to report to His Majesty that Prince Kevin, the traitor, has been captured and will be escorted by him into the imperial capital before long."

"Yes, Your Highness."

The emperor received the letter with mixed emotions. He had been greatly troubled because of Kevin's rebellion, and had no idea what to do. But within merely a month, Matthew had put down the rebellion in the north domain and escorted the culprit to the imperial capital. There was no one else who could have accomplished the mission so swiftly.

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