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   Chapter 318 A Deal (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5823

Updated: 2020-03-31 00:02

"Because I needed time to rest and prepare," Matthew answered frankly. They had been fatigued after the long march, so they wanted to eat and drink to their satisfaction, and have a good rest, before commencing the battle.

"So you launched the attack just now because you had finished your preparations?"

"No, we hadn't," Matthew said, looking down with cold eyes at Kevin kneeling on the floor, as if the latter were not his brother but only a stranger.

"Then why did you attack just now?" Kevin asked in a trembling voice. Matthew was clearly the most terrifying person in the Bright Dynasty, just as he had expected.

"Because I miss my woman," Matthew answered in a light tone. Hearing that, Kevin became livid with resentment. It infuriated him to hear that he had been defeated miserably just because Matthew missed his woman.

"There are countless women in the north domain. You can have whichever kind of woman you like. You needn't have—" Matthew kicked Kevin down to the floor before he could even finish his sentence.

"Your Highness, a message has arrived for you, from Her Highness."

"Give it to me." A smile crept up on Matthew's icy face. As he read Harper's letter, he snickered like an innocent child. Then he carefully put the letter into his pocket. After thinking for a while, he looked at Barry and asked, "Is the vinegar bitter?"

Barry was struck dumb for a moment, and then he answered, "I guess it is, yes."

After pondering for a while, Matthew asked, "How is everything going on in the imperial capital?"

"Howard has been put into prison," Barry answered. He knew what Matthew meant.

"Excellent. Then let's go back to the imperial capital secretly and give everyone a surprise." As he spo

l the plants in the yard withered instantly, and two unfortunate guards who had not fallen back in a timely manner turned into withered bones in front of him.

"What? How is..." Kevin was too scared to speak coherently.

"Oh my God! For His Highness to go mad like this, something must have happened to Her Highness," Barry mumbled to himself. He was a little worried. With Matthew going mad at this moment, it would difficult to keep it a secret much longer.

"Your Highness, Her Highness awaits your return," Barry said to Matthew. He only wanted to give a try. To his surprise, as soon as his words faded away, the chilly air emitted by Matthew dispersed at a visible speed. In the blink of an eye, Matthew was restored to his normal state. However, the withered flowers and plants in the yard reminded Kevin how dreadful Matthew was.

"Your... Your Highness..." Barry observed these events in disbelief. The air around Matthew was still very cold.

"Our plans have changed. I'll go back with him first. You handle the aftermath and then catch up with us," Matthew ordered Barry. In a flash, he was out of sight, with Kevin's collar in his hand.

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