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   Chapter 317 A Deal (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6165

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Harper wiped the water off the table and wrote another line of words on the table. Shawn frowned tightly and fell silent as he saw those words. She was patient with him. She wanted him to agree with her of his own free will, without any pressure from her.

"You and he..." Shawn said hesitantly after a long silence. He wanted to know about Harper's actual relationship with Matthew. He knew clearly what sort of man Matthew was. He was definitely not somebody who could be controlled by a woman, but obviously he cared deeply for her. Shawn was sure that Matthew's concern for her was genuine, because he was too proud to bother pretending.

"We're a couple," Harper wrote. She and Matthew were legally married, though they hadn't slept with each other yet. Moreover, the two of them got along much better than the average couple. They loved each other dearly. It was only because they had always restrained themselves for fear of hurting each other that they hadn't had sex yet.

"What happened last night?" Shawn had known that the emperor would come, but he hadn't expected that he would hurt Harper. After all, he knew why she was in the Imperial Palace. She was being held as a hostage. If some evil were to befall her, Matthew would know it soon even though he was far away in the north domain. In that event, it would be impossible to keep peace in the Bright Dynasty.

"His Majesty is suspicious. Mean fellows are stirring up trouble."

With these two simple sentences, Harper explained what had happened. Shawn could understand how the emperor sensed, though not perfectly, that Harper was on the same side as Matthew, forming a faction against the emperor. The Bu Clan supported Harper, while Maxwell and Travis as well as the Chu Clan were loyal to the emperor. Crown Prince Felix made up another faction, while the maternal cl

be defeated so soon and so drastically. Without the least chance of resistance, he lost to Matthew.

When he knew that it was Matthew who led the army there, he was terrified, so he stayed in his room and would not go out to fight, no matter how loudly the Black Flag Army shouted at him. He thought that in this way he could buy time, but it turned out that he was merely naive.

After besieging the city for seven days, Matthew broke into the tower over the city gate with only eight followers. They drove straight in and killed Kevin's men. Kevin's army was no match for them and was completely routed. In a short period of time, they lost all their weapons and raised their hands in token of surrender. While the army outside the city had not made even one move, Matthew defeated Kevin's army with only eight men.

"You could have broken through the north domain long ago. Why didn't you do that?" Kevin asked in confusion. With the strength of the Black Flag Army, it would have been quite easy to break through the north domain. However, they didn't attack the city as soon as they arrived, but only after a seven-day siege. Because of that, Kevin had imagined that there was still hope for him as long as he held on.

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