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   Chapter 316 Prove Your Loyalty (Part Two)

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"Taking action against Harper would not be an easy task. What's more, she is injured at the moment, which makes it that much harder," Felix slowly said. "In that case, we only have one shot at this."

"Uncle Kevin," Walden blurted out. For as long as Kevin himself would personally say that Howard didn't have anything to do with him, Howard would be considered innocent.

"Yes, our only shot is to get some sort of evidence from Uncle Kevin. If Uncle Matthew manages to catch Uncle Kevin, we'll have to send our men to contact Uncle Kevin as soon as possible and we'll have him prove Howard's innocence. However, it won't be that easy for Uncle Matthew to catch him. So, we have to wait patiently," Felix added.

"Do we really have to wait?" Walden asked, his face turning into a frown. "I'm afraid the three departments won't wait; General Maxwell and Grand Secretary Franklin most certainly wouldn't want to do that either. They know full well that Howard is badly received by others. If Harper is actually determined to kill him, I'm afraid the Bu Clan won't hesitate to make a move and lend her a hand."

"We don't necessarily have to wait. There is one other way," Felix exclaimed as a sinister smile crept onto his face. "It's going to depend on whether Charles is willing to save Howard or not. But considering Charles' fear of dying, I don't think he is going to be willing to save his son."

"Felix, I don't think I get it.

If Charles asks Harper to put an end to what she's doing to Howard, then Howard's situation could be easily resolved. But will Charles save him?"

Walden wondered, shaking his head. Back in the court, when the officials had Howard impeached, Charles didn't say anything and even acted as though he wasn't even there. Howard's existence brought great shame for him. How could he possibly ask Harper to turn the case around

room, Harper was having porridge. Seeing him walk in, she held up the bowl in her hand, as though she was asking him if he would like to have some porridge as well.

Shawn simply shook his head and asked, "Are you all right?"

Since she was unable to speak, Harper pointed at her throat and shook her head. Actually, her vocal cords had been affected by accident, so it would render her unable to speak for a while. But she'd be back to normal when her wound was healed completely.

"News from the north domain said that Prince Matthew has just won quite a big victory. With the rate things are going, I'm sure he and the army will soon be able to conquer the north domain and capture the traitor. After that, you can go back to your mansion." Shawn had originally thought that no one would be able to harm Harper if she stayed in the palace. But now, he came to realize that the person who would actually hurt her was no one but the emperor himself.

Harper asked Shawn to take a seat, dipped her finger in the tea cup and wrote something on the table. The moment he saw the words she had written, his eyes turned wide open in an instant. He looked at her in utter disbelief and asked, keeping his voice low, "What are you trying to do?"

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