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   Chapter 309 A Chance (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6240

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After Harrison left, a man emerged from the back hall. He was dressed in a silk robe, looking not unlike the crown prince, and addressed him in a respectful tone, "Felix."

"You've heard it yourself, Walden," the crown prince replied gravely. "Howard's in some trouble. I leave it to you to resolve this matter. Father has a very sharp, suspicious mind, he's sure to take offense if we stand up and defend Howard now. We need to speak with Howard first and make sure that we all stick to the same story."

"Consider it done, Felix." A long time ago, the emperor had happened to bed a cleaning maid in the Imperial Palace during a drunken episode. Afterward, the maid had given birth to the second prince, Walden Jun. Being a son of a maid, he'd had his fill of abuse since childhood. Relief had not come until after his meeting with the crown prince, who had taken pity on him and offered a helping hand.

Felix's next words were emphatic. "I have faith in you. But make certain that you leave no evidence behind."

"Yes, Felix."

Meanwhile, the court was arguing about whether or not Charles would be punished, since Howard had betrayed the country. Not a few were of the opinion that the prime minister was at least guilty of serious negligence. After all, he had raised Howard and molded him from his earliest years, even though the man was not Charles' biological son.

Serious though the matter was, the emperor was more annoyed than anything else as he listened to the endless quarrel of the ministers. Not far away, Charles knelt on the floor, trembling wretchedly. Never before had he so deeply never regretted disregarding Harper's advice. If he had thrown Howard out of the Chu Clan immediately after finding out that he wasn't his son, this would never have happened.

The debate was still raging when Walden Jun appeared outside the hall, reques

esn't know much about that part of the country. But there is someone in the imperial capital who is very familiar with it. So Uncle Kevin must have taken this person seriously as a possible threat to his plans, isn't that right? And he would definitely want to prevent this person from being assigned to assist Uncle Matthew, would he not?"

The emperor's face softened considerably as he thought this over. Walden's argument relied on several assumptions, but all of it seemed very reasonable. It was indeed true that only Howard was intimately familiar with the north domain. Had he gone to help Matthew and his forces, it would have made things much easier for Matthew. Therefore, if Howard wasn't Kevin's man, then it would have been in Kevin's best interests to dispose of him.

"So, you really do think that Howard has been wronged?" the emperor asked.

Walden did not hesitate. "Yes, Father. Very few are aware of this, but I have known Howard well for many years. I do not believe for a second that he would betray our country. What he wants the most is to become an excellent general and to serve you well, Father. He wants to guard our beautiful land. He would never collude with anyone to ruin this country and his own future."

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