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   Chapter 304 Being Alert To Danger (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6743

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"I thought all women in the world were attracted to my father," Lilian said as she sat down leisurely. "I didn't imagine that you wouldn't like him. But why? He is powerful and he is quite rich."

"Your Highness, do you fancy Zack?" asked Harper.

"Zack?" Lilian repeated in confusion, puzzled by Harper's question.

"Yes, Zack. He is gentle and sensitive, and the Bu Clan is a literary family. According to the rules of the Bu Clan, he can't have any concubines unless his legitimate wife is not blessed with a son. Many women in the world aspire to be Zack's wife. Wouldn't you want to be his wife, too?" Harper continued.

"Nah, I don't like him. I like Chodak. No matter how good Zack is and how excellent his family is, I'm just not interested in him," Lilian replied at once. "Many women like him, but that doesn't mean I feel the same. I am not one of them."

Upon saying this, Lilian instantly understood the point of Harper's question. "Oh, come on, Harper. You always talk in a roundabout way. Can't you be clear and straightforward?"

"We are now in the Imperial Palace. If we behave or speak carelessly, we might get ourselves killed. I'm the wife of one of His Majesty's ministers, and he is the master of the whole Bright Dynasty. If he gives me an order, I will obey it or die. I have no other choice. My situation is actually similar to yours. Although you are the princess, you can't decide upon your own marriage. No matter whom His Majesty wants you to marry, you must follow his wishes," Harper said. Meanwhile, she did not stop cleaning herself until she had wiped her face and hands carefully three times.

With furrowed eyebrows, Lilian said, "I think there is something more behind your words."

"Your Highness, being alert to danger even in times of calm is something every imperial member should do." Harper then walked to the Go table and sat down. She then gestured for Lilian to sit opposite her.

Lilian sat down obediently. Still she said, "I don't understand!"


es. But if those wolves became aware that the tiger had lost its sharp teeth, the tiger would no longer be able to scare them off. It would be speedily devoured by the wolves.

"Yes, you are right. The wolves would pounce upon it and tear it to pieces," Harper said as she placed another white stone on the board. The game now became more complicated. "The south domain of the Bright Dynasty is separated from the Great Jade Kingdom by natural barriers. We can stay safe from the Great Jade Kingdom. The Wonder Kingdom, however, is next to the north domain without any natural barriers. The north domain is in Kevin's hands now. Harrison's clan is guarding the south domain. Unfortunately, probably because Harrison has been too obsessed with women, his karma is to be blessed with many daughters but no son. How long do you think he can guard the south domain?"

"Well..." Lilian murmured as she broke into a cold sweat on her forehead. She had never thought about these questions, nor had she had the time to think about them. But now it seemed that these problems concerned her intimately.

"Do you think the Great Jade Kingdom, being as powerful as the Bright Dynasty, could manage to occupy us if the north and south domains could not ward them off?" Harper asked as she placed her last stone on the board. "Your Highness, you lost."

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