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   Chapter 301 Self-deception (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5676

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Seeing that both Harper and Howard kept quiet, Charles went to get some clear water by himself at once, to find out if Howard was his son or not. It would be the best if they were connected by blood. Imagining what it would be like if Howard had no blood connection to him, Charles gritted his teeth. Without a doubt, he couldn't bear such a humiliation.

Howard looked at Harper and said, "Harper Chu, you really deal with me quite ruthlessly."

"Howard, I can't help admiring you for being capable of talking such nonsense." Harper sneered in dismissal of Howard's accusation. Moreover, he had killed Mavis, his grandmother who had brought him up and loved him so dearly for so many years. Of course, Harper didn't expect him to admit his guilt for the murder.

"Do you think I am not of the same blood as Father?" Howard asked Harper in a low voice as he approached her. He was pondering over the possibility of killing her right at this moment, because he was worried that she would reveal his secret to others. There were only the two of them left alone in the hall now. If she was out of the way, he would have the confidence to fool Charles.

Harper looked directly into Howard's eyes and said, "I don't think you have any blood ties, but you really resemble Father a lot in personality. After all, Father has taught and educated you personally. You two share so much in common that it is easy to imagine the two of you are father and son."

Howard winced as he asked, "What do you mean?"

"I am praising you, Howard. Even if you are not Father's son by birth, you have developed some vital characteristics that Father has. No one can deny that your character is like Father's. You've

less deeds, you will get your reward. One who kills others will be killed in turn. You will pay for what you have done sooner or later," Harper responded coldly. "Father has lavished great love and care upon you, so I don't think he will be cruel to you anytime soon. You needn't worry about your own safety."

"Really? I will thank you if your words are correct." Howard looked sinister and ruthless. He would have stabbed Harper to death at that moment if it was possible. However, he knew he couldn't do that. He had no idea how many people were protecting her in secret. If he acted rashly, he would only put himself in danger.

"You're welcome." Harper stood up and turned to walk out. "By the way, may I ask you something? Did you kill Grandma?"

Howard didn't answer the question, and Harper didn't wait for his answer. She had only meant to give him a chance to repent, but she was certain that a heinous villain like him would never repent.

When Charles woke up, he said nothing about the fact of Howard not being his son. Instead, he hid his head like an ostrich, as if he refused to be hurt by the bitter news.

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