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   Chapter 300 The War Of Words (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5874

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Harper looked at Howard indifferently and said, "Well, this time, it wasn't me who made Father upset."

A deep uneasiness flashed through Howard's mind. He wondered if Harper had found some evidence to prove that he had killed Mavis. However, Mavis' body had turned into a pool of blood. Even if Harper found the evidence, it would be fruitless since Mavis' body had disappeared.

"Father, what happened?"

After a moment's silence, Charles responded, "Someone told me that you were not my biological son."

Howard immediately exclaimed, "Nonsense! I don't know who was so vile and vicious to start such a worthless rumor. I think someone was trying to plant discord on us. Father, don't fall into their trap."

"That's right, Father. But it is a big deal, so we must be careful. It wouldn't be good if someone's trying to set a trap for us," Harper chimed in.

"Harper, why do I sense something a little despicable in your voice? Did you start the rumor?" Howard asked with a ghastly expression on his face.

"I wish it was me who started the rumor so we could all rest. But I'm afraid that it wasn't me. Father, I think it's better to verify it than just make some wild guesses. Since there are people who suspect that Howard is not your son, we should dispute it with facts. It's very simple. Just do the test. It's the easiest way to prove that Howard is your biological son."

"Bullshit! I am Father's son. There's no need to take the test!" Howard exclaimed. Howard would never agree to the test. He thought that if the test confirmed that he was not his father's son, then it would bring so much chaos in their family, and everything he was trying to hide would be exposed. Howard was convinced that Harper had find out that he was involv

s of being the honorable princess would come to an end.

"You're saying this as if you had devoted a lot to secure my position as Matthew's wife. You and I both know very well what my position in the Chu Clan is. Why are you saying things to embarrass yourself?"

"Enough!" Watching his two children threw hurtful words at each other, Charles couldn't take it anymore. He had too much to worry as it was. Even though he had doubts whether Howard was really his son, he didn't want to be too cruel to him by making him take the test. But if he didn't do it, then he would always have a knot in his heart. Charles was afraid that it would haunt him forever.

"Don't worry. I'll prepare the needles and clear water for the test by myself!" Charles stated. "Howard, your sister will do nothing to tamper with the test. There wouldn't be anyone else meddling in the blood test as well. This situation stays with just the three of us. If you don't believe in me, then I have nothing to say."

Howard wanted to refuse, but he knew that it was useless. Since Charles had made up his mind, he must do the test. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to leave the Chu Clan mansion.

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