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   Chapter 295 Harper Declares War (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6582

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"Grandma... Her spirit…is manifesting!" Harper paled as her voice shivered. "Father, did you see that? It's Grandma's spirit!"

Even Howard had begun to be frightened with the vision. He rushed forward to the coffin. Reaching out with unsure hands to check Mavis' body, he was at last certain. As sure as day, Mavis was dead. Trembling on one side, Charles was unable to form coherent words yet, but no one could blame him. Anyone who saw a dead body suddenly sit up would be in the same state.

Harper's eyes were sheer ice as she watched Howard's actions. The knave did not need to do nothing else. She had seen more than enough proof of his sin when he had so hurriedly checked Mavis' body. The ones with the guilty conscience were always the first to be anxious for their own safety.

"Mother, do you have any grievances? Please, tell me everything. I will definitely do what you ask of me!" Charles said to the body of his dead mother even as his words were garbled and almost unintelligible. If he didn't believe there was such a thing as the soul before, he could no longer doubt what he saw with his own eyes. If not for grievance, why else would the dead come back?

Howard threw a scornful glance at the frightened Charles and the grief-stricken Harper. He had a feeling that there was something more to this. At the back of his mind, he held faint suspicions that all this had something to do with Harper, but he could think of no evidence to tie everything together.

"Father, there is no need for all this fuss. Grandma is dead. Just now…that was nothing but an illusion," Howard said as he gripped Charles' arms and helped him get up. "It must be the lack of sleep. You haven't been resting well for the past two days, and your mind has begun to conjure things from exhaustion."

"An illusion? Then is everyone here having the same hallucination? I will hear no more of these lies, Howard!" Harper snapped almost hysterically. "Father, you have see

oward trembled with anger. But he was a mere concubine's son, and all his hard work would have been for nothing.

Such bold actions also enraged Nicole. If Harper backed Alexander in fighting for Chu Clan's property, Nicole would be in a precarious position. To make matters worse, Harper had Matthew at her back. If the prince got involved, Nicole would stand no chance at all to fight for the property.

The next day, the funeral procession set out from Chu Clan's mansion. Alexander was at the head of the hearse, while Howard, the eldest son, could only stand at the end. Harper, in mourning clothes, walked towards the coffin.

"How interesting! I have to say, the situation has turned into such an amusement," Felix taunted and looked at the funeral procession. "I had always thought that the rift between Howard and Harper was only on the surface, but it seemed that I was terribly wrong. She is a very interesting character. Now that she has married into Uncle Matthew's mansion, she would need the support of her family. The logical route is to please the members of Chu Clan, but she has done the exact opposite and even declared war!"

"Felix, what do you mean?" Lucas asked in confusion. Declared war? What did he mean?

"Look closely and tell me who is at the head, escorting the coffin!"

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