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   Chapter 294 Haunting (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6570

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"Her Highness wanted me to tell you not to worry about her safety. She'll be fine. For now, finding out the truth is of the utmost priority, or else she wouldn't know what to do next." In truth, Jack was feeling so helpless right now. He had no idea what Harper had in mind at all. In his opinion, she had always been so good at pushing her enemies into the abyss by feigning a smile in front of them.

"I understand. Go back and tell her that I'll send her a message as soon as I find the truth."

"Thank you so much, Mister Zack." Possessing remarkable flying skills, Jack went out of sight very swiftly. The secret guards of the Bu Clan simply turned a blind eye to his arrival. If Jack hadn't shown the guards the token to access the Bu Clan, he would have been captured on the spot the second he sneaked into the clan.

Not wanting to waste any time, Zack immediately ordered his men to investigate what had happened before Sue entered the Chu Clan. Given the fact that Sue had been deceased for some time now, investigating something which had happened so many years ago wouldn't be an easy task. If Sue indeed committed some reprehensible acts, her clan must have already covered it up for her. This also explained why Sue had been willing to be Charles' concubine back then even if she was the legitimate daughter of her father in the Wang Clan.

Zach put all of his connections to good use to investigate everything about Sue's past. After making a thorough investigation of everyone related to Sue, he found out that the elderly people around her had been either dead or already left, and there was no other person in the imperial capital who could tell him about what had happened to Sue any more. Right now, he had no other choice but to find all of those people related to her who had left the imperial capital.

While Zack was preoccupied with his investigation of Sue, Mavis' remains were still yet to be buried because the Chu Clan mansion was b

es was scared out of his wits as well. Mavis' passing was so sudden. But he didn't believe that she had any grievance at all. "Someone must have done this to startle us."


"That's enough!" To prove it, Charles grabbed Mavis' hand and raised it to show to everyone that her hands were clean and hadn't been stained with blood at all. "See! How could it be possible that your grandmother left these bloody hand imprints?"

"Grandma, have you really been wronged? If so, please just tell me so that I can help you," Harper cried, with her voice sounding like it was about to break.

Angry and deeply irritated, Charles was unsure what kind of rumors others might spread if word got out that his clan was being haunted. With that in mind, he turned around and stared at Harper. "Stop talking nonsense outside. Your grandmother died a natural death, and the Chu Clan isn't haunted at all."

Every single present gasped out of fear. Nicole rolled her eyes and fell into a coma right then. Harper turned around stiffly to check, only to find that her grandmother was sitting up from the coffin Then, in just a blink of an eye, she saw the dead body lying down inside the coffin once again, making it seem like she was trying to show Charles that there was really some other cause of her death.

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