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   Chapter 292 A Suspect (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6079

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At the very last second, Harper appeared between them, suddenly on her feet as though concern for Alexander had lent her new strength. "Father, please watch your tongue!" she said coldly. "And please remember who you are and who I am. I'm not only your daughter. I'm the wife of Prince Matthew, a first rank princess!"

The prime minister's hand froze in midair as he considered her words, unsure whether to strike her or not. A girl who was unmarried should listen to her father, but a married woman should listen to her husband. And Harper was no longer just a lady of the Chu Clan, but she was indeed married to a prince, as she had pointed out!

"Well, well, you've certainly grown up. So much so that it seems you no longer want to acknowledge me as your father," Charles seethed, lowering his hand. "Get out! You are not welcome here anymore!"

But Harper stood her ground. "I'm sorry, Father. I can't comply with your order! I grew up under Grandma's care. Now that she's dead, I'm going to stay with her for the last time, and I have every right to. If you bar me from doing that, then I will accuse you of being unfilial in front of His Majesty!"

At this, it was like the air had been sucked out of the room. Being unfilial was a major crime in the state, and the mere accusation of such a thing was no trifling matter. If Harper accused him, the future security of Charles' official position would depend entirely on the old emperor's mood.

Charles trembled with anger, but he could do nothing to Harper. Speaking of the personal relationship, Mavis had raised her up, and it was reasonable for her to see her grandmother off. According to the law, Harper was a first rank princess, and with his rank lower than his daughter's, he might be accused of disrespecting his superior. If she really told the

n!" Charles protested, still furious.

Harper smiled faintly. "Father, don't you feel ashamed for saying that? Everyone in the mansion was bullied by Sue, and my younger brother was forced to dress up as a girl. He's lived in fear for eight years. And now you dare to insist that he is your son, when you took no responsibility for him before!"

"How dare you!"

"Enough!" Harper snapped. "Alexander is a member of Prince Matthew's mansion, so you don't need to worry about him, Father. Let's go."

With that, she and Alexander hurried from the room. Despite his rage, Charles had no choice but to let them go.

"Would you still be so arrogant and sure of yourself if Matthew happened to die?" he growled under his breath. At that moment, his most fervent wish was for Matthew to be killed on the battlefield. Without having a prince as her husband, Harper would be nothing.

The whole affair was observed at a distance by Howard, who remained silent. He knew the reason for Harper's fearlessness and daring. Even if Matthew was in trouble, she would have a way out as long as the emperor supported her. In fact, if Charles continued to treat Harper this way, he might end up dead before Matthew did.

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