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   Chapter 290 Reminder (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5889

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Harper suddenly raised her head and looked at Serena, who apparently had a deeper meaning in asking Harper to rest at her own house of the Chu Clan. The Emerald House was the place where Harper had lived before her marriage, and if Mavis had left any clues for her, she must have left them in Harper's Emerald House instead of the Peony House.

But after considering this, Harper took no steps to act. She didn't know how many informers were in the Chu Clan mansion. Having been married for so long, she had no idea whom she could still trust. The only wise course of action was to behave with complete normalcy so that others wouldn't realize that she was investigating her grandmother's death. By keeping their guard down, she would be able to seize the opportunity to discover the truth.

Forsythia came back soon. Her findings were exactly the same as what Serena had told Harper. Annie hadn't committed suicide, but had been strangled. Mavis had been murdered as well. Neither of them had a natural death. All of these findings led Harper to believe that there was a terrible murderer hiding in the Chu Clan mansion.

It was not until the early morning of the following day that Charles and Howard came to the mourning hall. They were greatly pleased to see Harper still kneeling in front of the coffin. This satisfied them so deeply because it showed them that Harper still had no choice but to follow their orders, despite her being Prince Matthew's wife.

After breakfast, the people of many clans began to visit the Chu Clan mansion to pay their respects to Mavis. The first visitors were from the Bu Clan. Isabella walked into the mourning hall with Caroline and burnt incense sticks for Mavis.

"Harper, I am sorry for your loss."

"Thank you."

't slack off your homework during this period."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"See you."

Howard had his eyes fixed on Alexander, who hid timidly behind Harper. Alexander didn't like anything about the Chu Clan that he found rather intimidating.

Harper patted him on the hand. "Go and burn some joss paper for Grandma with Howard."

"Okay, Harper." Alexander knelt down courteously beside Howard. He seemed to be like an adult already. He looked calm, and even if a glimmer of trepidation still lingered in his eyes, he wasn't half as timid as he had been.

"Harper, you are really industrious. You're able to send Alexander to study at the Clivia School," Howard said with a little jealousy. Even though Charles had always doted upon him, he had never had an opportunity to study at such a high-ranking school. He looked up to Alexander in this respect.

"Howard, you must be kidding. Alexander was admitted to the Clivia School purely on account of his own abilities. If he wasn't capable, the Clivia School wouldn't have admitted him no matter what I did for him." Harper was just mocking Howard, who understood her insinuation. He snorted and said no more.

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