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   Chapter 289 Reminder (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5976

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Harper was terribly confused. In her opinion, it was impossible for Charles to kill Mavis, because after her death, he would be expected to mourn her for at least three months, or three years at most. Therefore, it would be better for Charles if Mavis could have lived longer. Howard behaved arrogantly in the Chu Clan not only because of Charles' love, but also because of Mavis', or else how Howard could have led a good life in the Chu Clan mansion with Nicole pregnant with her own child. Then, who killed Mavis? Could it be Nicole?

After thinking about all the people around Nicole, Harper suppressed the thought that had come to her mind. Nicole was pregnant. If she gave birth to a son, her position would inevitably improve. Moreover, she was a lady of noble status. Even if Mavis was friendly to Howard, she wouldn't mistreat Nicole. Considering these factors, Harper believed that Nicole couldn't have killed Mavis. But then, who on earth was the murderer? Who had been so cruel as to kill an old woman with little time left to live?

Harper suspected that she had ignored something important, which was likely to have something to do with Mavis' death. But no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't figure out what she had missed.

Mavis was dead, and Annie, who was always with her, had committed suicide by hanging herself. Harper frowned grimly as these words echoed in her head again. Annie had been around Mavis all the time. She was practically Mavis' shadow. Mavis had ordered Annie to do many things for her. After Mavis' death, Annie had been murdered as well. Was it because Annie had known something she shouldn't have known? If so, what on earth was it?

Harper was baffled by many questions. She had thought about every person in the Chu Clan mansi

She was not ready to commit herself to either an agreement or a refusal.

"Everyone is afraid of death and wants to live, and I am no different." Serena dropped the last piece of joss paper into the copper basin. "Annie was found hanging in your grandmother's room, and her corpse was thrown into a random grave. I've already checked the corpse and found that Annie had been strangled. She did not commit suicide. Harper, do you see my point?"

"My grandmother's internal organs were shattered. After checking her body, I found that her ribs were broken. Hence, the murderer must have been adept at martial arts. Therefore, it was very easy for the murderer to strangle a nanny to death. Furthermore, the murderer was able to enter the Peony House to kill her, and clean up the mess on the spot. Therefore, I guess the murderer must be someone who is powerful in this mansion," Harper said and looked at Serena. "Lady Serena, do you agree?"

"Harper, you are so intelligent. I am ashamed of myself." Serena stood up and bowed to Harper. "Harper, when you have time, you can go back to your own house, have a rest and see what has changed. Then perhaps you will understand everything."

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