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   Chapter 288 Grievous News (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5657

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Harper was astonished but she tried not to show it on her face. "I just helped Grandma tidy her clothes. She always paid close attention to etiquette. It would be disrespectful to leave her with wrinkles on her clothes."

Howard glanced at Harper before looking at Mavis' dead body. He thought Harper was a physician and not a coroner. She shouldn't know much about dead people.

"Close the coffin once you're done. Grandma loved you the most when she was alive. We waited for you to return before covering the coffin," Howard said in a cold tone.

Harper wiped away her tears and nodded as she watched the servants cover the coffin. At that moment, she knew that the only person in this mansion who was ever really good to her was gone. She would never appear in front of them again.

Although Harper couldn't help but cry, she didn't forget to keep an eye on the people present. When she realized that Mavis was murdered, the first one she suspected was Charles. Charles was capable of betraying his wife and daughters. It was only natural to think he could also betray his own mother. But what did Mavis do to deserve her death?

Harper took a closer look and found out that Annie, who had been looking after Mavis all the time, was not there. She was confused by her absence.

"Father, Grandma is gone. Where are the old maids who used to serve her? Why aren't they here to see Grandma's passing?" Harper almost choked as she tried to speak between her cries.

As Charles heard her, a touch of cruelty flashed across his face. "Those old women couldn't even take good care of her. What's the use of keeping them here? They've all been driven out."

"They have all been driven

hought. The murderer had been able to kill Mavis in the mansion without being noticed, which meant it must be someone who was familiar with her and had good martial skills. They were able to destroy the old lady's ribs and viscera.


"What is it, Your Highness?"

"Go and check how Nanny Annie died. I want to know every detail." There was no trace of warmth in Harper's eyes, and they were as cold as ice. It was apparent that she was on the edge of rage.

"Right away, Your Highness." Forsythia disappeared in the darkness. Harper continued to pray for her grandmother as she felt all kinds of emotions welling up in her heart. Charles didn't have any reaction regarding Mavis' death while Howard's reaction was a bit strange. Could it also be possible that Howard murdered their grandmother?

But it shouldn't be. Although Mavis didn't like Hailey, she was still very nice to Howard. After all, he was the only grown-up man among all her grandchildren and he was quite successful. Mavis liked him the same way she liked Harper. He shouldn't have done something to her, so why was he acting so strange?

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