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   Chapter 286 He Is Impotent

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Shawn was rather surprised. He thought Harper would ask him if her two maids had suffered much when attending on Katrina, but Harper asked nothing.

"Don't you want to know what kind of life they have had under Katrina? Don't you care about your two maids?" Shawn couldn't help asking.

Harper shook her head. "They don't want me to know that, so for their sake I'll just pretend that I don't know. In fact, I know clearly what kind of situation they are in. However, they don't want me to worry about them, so I have to control myself and not disappoint them."

"How touching! I rather admire you to have two such loyal maids!" said Shawn in surprise.

Harper smiled, "Thank you, Shawn. You have been very helpful to me these past few days. I will never forget your goodness."

"You are welcome. By the way, His Majesty said that provided you wouldn't leave the Imperial Palace, you would be free to walk around anywhere here," answered Shawn, cupping his two hands as a farewell gesture.


He didn't say anything more. He went back to his place and quietly guarded Purple Palace. Harper was grateful to Shawn for his help, and she knew that she would not hesitate to help him if he ever needed her someday.

Harper would visit the Imperial Garden from time to time, but she basically stayed put in Purple Palace. The emperor was very satisfied with her obedience, but he never kept his cautious eyes off her. She was a crucial pawn that Charles and the emperor had established in Prince Matthew's mansion. The emperor had to value her and ensure that she was always loyal.

But today, the emperor stormed into Purple Palace furiously, out of the blue. The reason why he paid this sudden visit was that he had heard from the imperial physician that Harper was still a virgin.

"Harper Chu!"

"Yes, Your Majesty." Harper made a respectful salute. She was alone without Matthew around to protect her, so she needed to be careful and humble. There was nothing to gain by risking the emperor's anger, even for a moment.

"Has Matthew tried to communicate with you at all these days?"

"No, Your Majesty, he hasn't," Harper said calmly. "He must be too busy on his march to have time to write me a letter."

The emperor looked down at Harper, trying to figure out what she was thinking about. But she was gentle and deferential, and she didn't make any mistake in her manners. This made the emperor even more annoyed!

"Really? I didn't expect that!" the emperor said with a faint smile. "Raise your head now!"

Harper raised her head and looked at the emperor calmly. The emperor's eyes fell on her. "You are indeed a beauty. No wonder my brother fell for you. I find you rather attractive as well, to tell the truth."

A gleam flashed in Harper's eyes. She kept calm and composed, as if she were not at all disturbed by the emperor's words.

"Thank you for your compliment, Your Majesty!"

"Humph!" The emperor spilled the teacup around him with a sweep of his arm. The tea was spilled all over her, which frightened her into stillness.

"You married my brother more than two months ago. Why are you still a virgin? I suspect that Matthew is just pretending to love you, right? Or that your love for him is just a show. Behind it, you two are conspiring to deceive me?"

Harper was shocked. She had not considered this detail. Because of her illness, she ha

fine." As Harper made no sign of discomfort after taking the pill, Shawn's heart settled. The bemusement in his mind disappeared and he sighed gently in relief. The next day, when the emperor came to Purple Palace for breakfast, he noticed many red spots on her face. In an instant, he felt disgusted. He left in a hurry, without even waiting for the imperial physician to come and check on her.

When Shawn came with the imperial physician, he also gasped in astonishment at Harper's changed appearance. "Your Highness, what happened?"

"It seems that I am allergic to something," Harper said resignedly, touching her face. "It's hot these days, and I'm allergic. It's all right, I'll probably recover in a few days."

Although Shawn felt bewildered, he didn't show it. He said, "Let the imperial physician examine you."

"Yes, please." Harper thanked him with a smile and summoned the imperial physician to examine her.

After checking her, the imperial physician diagnosed an allergy, and thought it was caused by something she had for breakfast. "Don't worry, Your Highness. It's not serious. Your face will return to normal after a few days. It will be fine. Don't scratch it with your hands, or the spots may worsen!"

"Thank you very much."

Shawn reported the diagnosis to the emperor. The emperor's reaction was surprising to Shawn. He seemed to be quite dissatisfied and said, "Allergic? What a coincidence! Why did she get allergic when I went there at dinning time?"

"Your Majesty, the imperial physician has made a diagnosis for her. She is allergic to a certain cooking spice, fennel. It has triggered Her Highness's allergy. I have ordered the cook to exclude fennel from all her meals in future."

The emperor was so angry that he smashed the teacup to pieces. He felt nauseous at the thought of the dense red rashes on Harper's face. "Ask the imperial physician to treat her carefully. Make her recover as soon as possible."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"In addition, tell Harper that I'm too busy to visit her these days." The emperor could feel only disgust at the thought of Harper's disfigured face.

Shawn was rather shocked. He suspected that he had found the real reason why the rashes had suddenly appeared on Harper's face.

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