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   Chapter 284 Spite The Maids (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5982

Updated: 2020-03-22 12:35

Harper was getting better and better. It was evident from her less pale and redder face. In just a few days, she no more had any sign of sickness. But when she was in a coma, her soul had suddenly returned to her original world. After seeing her sad father and brother, she became overwhelmed with emotions.

"Shawn, where are my maids?" Harper asked. After coming to the Imperial Palace, Forsythia and Nina had accompanied her. But now, after she woke up, they were nowhere to be seen.

Shawn replied with a stiff expression. "His Majesty arranged their stay in Lady Katrina's Glorious Palace"

Harper's face suddenly changed. She was walking towards the exit, but Shawn stopped her. "Your Highness, please don't go out."

"His Majesty just told me to stay in the Imperial Palace, but he didn't say I would be under house arrest. I think I am free to walk in the palace." Harper bypassed Shawn and went straight towards the Glorious Palace. She knew exactly what kind of person Katrina was. Her maids were under Katrina's custody and might get abused by her.

"Your Highness, His Majesty has ordered that nobody would enter or leave the Purple Palace. If you believe in me, please give me some time. I will certainly bring back your maids," Shawn said in a hurry as he stopped Harper.

Looking at Shawn who seemed quite serious, Harper kept silent for a moment. "Lady Katrina and I are at odds with each other. Since my maids are left to her, they are certain to live a hard life. Please be sure to bring them back."

Shawn nodded, "Your Highness, please get back. I'll make sure to do it for you."

With a deep look into his eyes, Harper turned around and went back to the Purple Palace. As no one other than the imperial physicians was allowed to enter or leave the Purple Pal

to offend her for the sake of these two maids, Marquis Shawn?"

Shawn glanced at Judith coldly and walked past her. He wasn't happy with her conduct. In the meantime, Forsythia supported Nina while walking behind him. After kneeling continuously for two hours, Nina was not able to keep her feet stable.

"How dare you!" As Judith spoke, she raised her hand, trying to hit Forsythia. However, Forsythia dodged suddenly and tripped her. Judith kicked the vase on the ground away and it got smashed into pieces.

"How dare you break His Majesty's gift? You will be sentenced to death," Forsythia promptly scolded. "Just because Lady Katrina loves you so much, you dared to ignore His Majesty!"

"No, I didn't. It's you who pushed me. That's why I kicked the vase!"

"That's utter nonsense! We all have witnessed you kicking the vase, which His Majesty had gifted to Lady Katrina. You have destroyed it and you should be put to death for what you have done!" All her resentment was evident in her words due to the bitter treatment they had received from Katrina. Moreover, had it been Forsythia's fault, then there would have been no compassion from either Katrina or any of her maids.

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