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   Chapter 283 Resurrection

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Harper fell ill as soon as she entered the Imperial Palace.

At first, they thought that Harper had fallen into a coma because of her weak body. However, she had a high fever and her whole body was burning hot. The maids-in-waiting panicked and immediately reported this to the emperor.

The imperial physicians went in and out, but Harper's high fever still didn't subside. No matter what they did, they couldn't reduce her fever.

"What nonsense!" The emperor was so angry that he smashed a few items at hand. "What ails Harper exactly?"

"Your Majesty, Her Highness is too weak, and she has eaten something too nutritious for her weak body to digest, resulting in a high fever. For now, we can only attempt to bring down her temperature. If her fever continues to rage, we are afraid..." The imperial physician trailed off as he looked carefully at the emperor's eyes. "I'm afraid she will suffer brain damage."

The emperor's eyes twinkled slightly. "Will her life be in danger?"

"Probably not."

"Probably not? What do you mean?" The emperor grabbed the teacup and smashed it on the floor. No matter whether Harper's body or brain would suffer damage or not, she must be kept alive. If Harper died... A frightening prospect occurred to the emperor, in which Matthew and Kevin colluded against him together. In such a crisis, it would be doubtful that the emperor could maintain his grip on the state.

"Her Highness is weak and has a high fever. If something goes wrong, she may die. Brain-fever may be the limit of her illness if she is lucky, but if she is not lucky..."

"Lucky!" The emperor was so furious that he threw another cup against the imperial physician. "What did I appoint you for? You can't even cure a fever!"

The imperial physicians were silent and didn't dare to answer. They had exhausted all the methods they could use. Harper still had a fever, and they had no cure for it. The situation was puzzling. A weak body shouldn't take too much nutrition, that was true, but the result wouldn't normally be a fever. And yet this fever was what had occurred, and it showed no sign of subsiding.

"Try your best to cure Harper. If she perishes, all of you will perish with her." The emperor left after saying this. Harper was too weak. If the imperial physicians couldn't save her, he could do nothing. But he was determined to hide the fact of her condition from Matthew.


"Yes, Your Majesty." Shawn stood quietly at the door.

"Guard the Purple Palace. Apart from the imperial physicians, no one is allowed to enter or leave without my instruction." The emperor was determined to hide the truth about Harper's condition. No matter whether she would survive or not, he would never allow any bad news to spread and shake the morale of the army.

"Yes, I will."

After the emperor left, Shawn entered the inner hall. The imperial physicians were still busy discussing the right method to bring down Harper's fever. However, when the treatments had been attempted and the medicines were used up, her fever was still raging.

The imperial physicians were busy in the next room. There were only a few maids in Harper's room serving her. Shawn waved his hand to dismiss them. He stood beside the bed pensively.

It was Harper's mistake that she had a fever. At that time, when she took the Reviving Pill, she thoug


Shawn nodded, poured a cup of hot water, held Harper up, and fed her slowly. "You have had a high fever for three days and nights. Everyone was frightened on your account. Your lips are dry and cracked. Drink some water to moisten your throat."

Harper drank water slowly. Although she was still a little weak, she could feel clearly that Shawn was trembling. She couldn't help but ask, "Are you all right, Shawn? Why are you trembling all over?"

Shawn shook his head. His cold face was still pale. "I'm fine. How are you feeling? You had stopped breathing for a moment. I... I was very scared."

Harper smiled weakly. "Thank you for your concern, Shawn. I will be fine."

"I'm very glad to hear it," Shawn said and helped Harper lie down. "You haven't eaten for a few days. You must be hungry. I'll arrange a meal for you."

Harper looked at Shawn, who was running away in embarrassment. She was confused and wondered if the person she had seen in a daze in the past few days was just Shawn. But why was Shawn the one taking care of her by her bedside all this time? Hadn't she been brought into the Imperial Palace by the emperor?

An imperial physician came in with the medicine. "How are you feeling, Your Highness?"

"I feel much better."

"That's excellent. If you hadn't overcome your fever, we would all have paid for it with our lives." The imperial physician quickly asked a maid to feed Harper the medicine. "His Majesty ordered him to guard the Purple Palace. If something happened to you, he would have us all killed. You know, Marquis Shawn's blade is very sharp."

"Well, isn't Her Highness all right? Don't talk about those things." Another old imperial physician instantly interrupted him. "Her Highness is weak and has had a long and high fever. She needs proper care."

The old imperial physician checked her pulse again. Every time he checked it, he could hardly believe it. Harper was so weak at first that her pulse was almost imperceptible, but after this recovery, her pulse had begun to beat vigorously. Although she was still a little weak, she was obviously getting better, and the speed was astonishing.

"Congratulations, Your Highness. You will be much better after taking a long rest."

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