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   Chapter 281 Become A Hostage (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7023

Updated: 2020-03-21 21:16

Upon his return to his mansion, Matthew went to see Harper straight away.

But at the Phoenix House's gate, he stopped for a while. He took deep breaths, steadying himself, and made sure that he was sufficiently calm before he strode further in.

He found Harper sitting up in bed, reading a book. It was one of the miscellanies that he had brought her from his study, and she read through them voraciously. She had already finished two of them.

"You're back." Harper looked up in surprise, her tone gentle, upon feeling his shadow cast down upon her.

In response, Matthew walked up to the bed and sat, wrapping his arms around her waist to kiss her deeply. After a breathless kiss, he managed to shakily reply, "I'm back."

His passion made her blush, but she didn't miss the apologetic, distressed expression in his eyes. "Is something wrong? What happened?"

"His Majesty...has instructed me to go north to catch Kevin and bring him back. I'm to set out tomorrow." After a moment of painful hesitation, Matthew leaned forward and pressed his forehead against Harper's. He closed his eyes as he murmured, "He wants you to enter the Imperial Palace as a hostage."

It was clear almost immediately to Harper that the emperor had feared Matthew for a long time, who held the military might. And now, with her as a hostage and therefore a massive piece of leverage, the emperor felt free to command Matthew to fight Kevin. The emperor knew he could do so, as he now held her, Matthew's biggest weakness.

"I see. No wonder you had that look on your face."

"I don't want you to go to the palace." Matthew's tone was obstinate as he buried his head against Harper's neck, greedily breathing in her scent and her warmth. "I don't want to be separated from you, not even for a single day of my life."

"Don't worry, Matthew, I'll be fine. If His Majesty's doing this to keep you under control, then it's in his best interests to keep me safe, and to protect me. It would actually be safest for me to go to the palace while you're up north." Harper stroked his hair soothingly, trying to com

realize what she had just implied, and she felt color rush up to her cheeks.

"Goodness...stop that!" Of course Harper was worried; how could she not be? After all, Matthew was going out into the battlefield. Weapons didn't discern who was loved and who was precious. They only cut others down. And no one could ever guarantee a return from war.

"Before you enter the palace, His Majesty will ask someone to send you the Reviving Pill. Once you get it, please take it immediately, okay? It will do wonders for your health." Matthew ran a hand gently through Harper's hair and cradled her lovingly in his arms. "Though I may not be in the imperial capital, I don't want you to feel afraid. If anyone dares to cross you or do you harm, beat them back with all your might. Should the sky itself fall, your husband will come and hold it away from you."

"But you'll be a thousand miles away. How would you able to hold up the sky from falling on me?"

"Well...I might not be here, but I know Zack will be," Matthew replied bluntly. This was the only reason he had any confidence or courage to leave Harper in the imperial capital. Zack had sworn to protect Harper. If it weren't for Zack's conviction to that idea, Matthew wouldn't feel secure enough to leave.

Just the mere thought of Zack caused a guilty pit to form in Harper's stomach. "You shouldn't bully him all the time like this..."

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