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   Chapter 280 Exchange (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 8423

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It was the old emperor who broke the silence. "Matthew."

"Yes, Your Majesty?"

"Is Harper really so important in your eyes? Even more valuable than your Black Flag Army? Everyone knows that you have put such great effort into assembling this force." Ordinarily, the emperor might have restrained himself, but he could not contain his curiosity or his disbelief. In his opinion, Matthew was a cold, heartless sort of man, and never one to be driven by sentiment or passion. As for Harper, she had once been promised to Hansen, but he had broken off their engagement, which had stained the woman's reputation. So for a man like Prince Matthew to give up the Black Flag Army for any woman was hard enough to believe, but for this one?

As though the mention of Harper's name was a spell, Matthew's face softened, and his eyes were filled with tenderness. The change was incredible to behold. Few had ever dreamed that this calculating man had such an ordinary, vulnerable side to him.

"It doesn't matter if an army is taken away from me, because I can rebuild it later. But Harper is different. If I lose her, then she is gone forever," he explained. This simple reply left the emperor feeling more confident than ever. It was now impossible to doubt that Matthew truly was in love with Harper, and that she was indeed his one great weakness. After all, he had just parted with the Black Flag Token, which was something that no one would do as a mere bluff.

Placing the token on the table, the emperor lowered his voice and said, "What do you think of Kevin's rebellion? He is redirecting forces at the north domain against me."

"I think that his rebellion must be stopped at all costs," said Matthew plainly, showing that he was still as sharp and practical as ever when it came to politics. Indeed, if the old emperor showed any tolerance toward Kevin's rebellion, it could embolden other princes to act in open defiance of the emperor. Dissent and revolt would then spread across the country, eventually plunging the Bright Dynasty into a terrible civil war. To make matters worse, this would give hostile countries a perfect opportunity to invade, and the Bright Dynasty would be destroyed by threats from both within and without.

"Do you have any suggestions for the general to fight against Kevin?" asked the emperor. He was genuinely interested in Matthew's opinion.

"I think General Maxwell would be a good choice. He is a fancy general, not to mention experienced and brave. He has showed valor an


Scowling, Matthew clenched his fists, struggling mightily to control his temper. " wife has no choice but to stay in the palace, then please arrange for her to live in my old quarters, from when I was still a prince here."

"Why, certainly," the emperor agreed.

"Thank you, Your Majesty. I'm leaving!" With that, Matthew stormed from the room.

The emperor watched him go, thoughtful and pleased with how things had gone. "Andy," he said after a moment. "I didn't realize that Harper is such a resourceful woman. Before Matthew got married to her, he wasn't interested in women at all. Everyone knows that. Today, however, he is willing to give up his dignity and the Black Flag Army just for her. This is entirely unexpected."

Andy put on a faint smile. He thought, 'Lady Harper is no ordinary person, if she has the ability to make Prince Matthew become so humble. In fact, if anything bad happened to her here in the Imperial Palace, he would no doubt rebel against the throne himself.'

"Your Majesty, I have something to say," Andy hazarded. "But I don't know whether it is suitable for me to say it or not."

"Go ahead and say it," the emperor replied.

Andy went on. "Your Majesty, after Lady Harper enters the palace, I am afraid you will have to post many palace guards to ensure that she remains safe. After all, Prince Matthew loves her very much. If anything were to happen to her while he is off fighting in the north..."

The old emperor nodded his head in agreement. "You are right. I will post guards to ensure her safety. As long as I have Harper, Matthew is under my control. Of course I will let nothing happen to her!"

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