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   Chapter 271 Don't Be Too Arrogant (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6075

Updated: 2020-03-21 01:03

Kate had aggressively broken into Prince Matthew's mansion with her guards, but at last, she was the only one left alive, who fled from the mansion in terror and rushed back to Prince Kevin's mansion all the way, as if she was running from ferocious beasts which would devour her.

Of the guards that had gone to Prince Matthew's mansion with her, none of them had come back alive. As soon as Kevin knew that Kate was back, he pressed her to tell him what had happened, but she just wrapped herself under the quilt, trembling with fear.

"Well, did Harper Chu order someone to cut your tongue off?" Kevin asked anxiously.

Kate shook her head and then nodded. Still with panic on her face, she seemed to have been terribly stimulated.

"You are shaking and nodding your head. What exactly do you mean?" Kevin was furious. He had dispatched two skilled warriors to follow Kate. Even if the two warriors couldn't do anything, they should at least have been able to escape alive, but no one had come back except Kate.

Wrapped under the quilt, she was pondering over something intently. She didn't make any response to her furious husband, as if she was immersed in her own world.

Seeing Kate like this, Kevin lost his patience. He immediately ordered his guards to lock Kate in her house. Then, if Matthew was to investigate why Kate had broken into his mansion with those guards, Kevin could say frankly to Matthew that Kate had lost her mind, and that he had ordered his guards to lock her up.

After Kevin left, Kate, who had appeared to have been scared out of her wits, suddenly wore a different expression. She looked ferocious and terrible. No one knew what on earth she wanted to do.

In fact, Hailey had been hiding in Prince Kevin's mansion, but no one detected her. No one had ever imagined that

wrapped the gauze curtain around Kate's neck tightly.

Kate's dagger slipped out of her hand, and she struggled to free herself from Hailey's strangling grip. Hailey's hands tightened the grip on the gauze curtain until Kate's eyes popped out. Her struggles died down, and at last, she became an unresisting corpse.

After Hailey loosened the gauze curtain, Kate's corpse slumped to the floor. Noticing the wound on her waist, she kicked Kate's corpse several times in anger. Then she reflected that Kevin would definitely investigate the case if he thought Kate had been murdered, but he would let the matter rest if Kate had committed suicide.

With this thought, Hailey hung Kate's corpse on a beam to simulate the scene of a suicide. Then she tidied the room up, and put the overturned table and chairs back in place. After finishing her work, she left with satisfaction.

The next day, the maid who brought Kate breakfast found her hanging on the beam. She was scared out of her wits and screamed continuously. After Kevin arrived on the scene, he ordered his guards to take Kate's body down. Looking at the dead Kate with her eyes still wide open, Kevin said sadly, "Matthew, you've gone too far!"

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