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   Chapter 270 Drive A Wedge Between Them (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7003

Updated: 2020-03-21 01:03

At her words, Kate's eyes cleared and began to focus. They fastened onto Harper's face, searching for the truth, from her.

"You killed him, Lady Kate. Your son would've never died if you hadn't taught him to be so arrogant and ignorant." Harper's cruel words cut to the core.

"Aaaahh!" Kate screamed again, roaring in rage and anguish, unable to admit or accept that she had killed Hansen.

"It was you who allowed him to make the same mistakes over and over, and even indulged him as he committed his crimes. You were the one who ultimately led him to his death. He'd probably have grown to become a playboy, who was troublesome, yes, but not evil. It was you who spoiled him, hurt him, and led to his death," Harper said slowly. And she was clear that Kate knew the truth as well. Harper would never have fought back if she wasn't forced over and over again.

Wailing, gnashing her teeth, Kate was crying so hard that she could barely make a real sound as she clawed, trembling, upon the earth she was sprawled down upon. She couldn't even bring herself to deny Harper's words. If she hadn't catered to his every whim, he would never have ended up the way he did.

"Well, I don't think much more needs to be said. Harp, what do you think we should do with her?" Matthew asked indulgently, clearly taking advantage of having Harper nestled in his arms. "Would you like to have someone kill her and then toss her into the city moat?"

The sheer terror that ripped through Kate caused her to lose control of her own body, soiling herself as she heard that they were planning to kill her and throw her into the moat. The pungent smell of her urine spread almost immediately.

Disgusted, Jack moved forward and grabbed Kate with the aim of dragging her soiled self away from the couple, but Kate started going into hysterics. Evidently, she believed that she was about to get killed and thrown into the moat. Shrieking, wailing, and struggling with all her might, she turned hysterical, screaming for mercy.

Further irritated, Jack hurled Kate down to the ground where she lay and spr

s behavior, and made a spectacle? Wasn't it Sue and her daughter Felicia who did all that? And after your son broke off the engagement, he proposed to my sister, Yvonne. Who do you think would poison my dear sister, and cause Hansen to lose his place and title as Prince Kevin's rightful heir? None other than Sue herself, aided by Felicia. Who do you think was the manipulator behind it all, the puppet master pulling the strings? I know you think it was me, but you must have forgotten that the only person to truly benefit from the dissolution of the engagement wasn't me or Felicia; it was my Hailey. Her reputation remained perfectly intact, and she easily slid into my position as an imperial physician. Do you think General Maxwell's problem was something Felicia could've managed alone? She's not intelligent enough for that."

Harper patiently laid out the whole picture for Kate to understand. In her foggy, cold world, Kate would never have pieced this together herself. How could she have never seen that she and her son had been manipulated by Hailey all along? And Hailey, after murdering her son, would continue to play her along for a fool and use her. That vicious bitch!

Carefully, Harper pressed a dagger's handle into Kate's hand, her tone and gaze meaningful. Harper smiled faintly. "Lady Kate, you know far better than I do who it is exactly that deserves your revenge."

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