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   Chapter 269 Drive A Wedge Between Them (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7676

Updated: 2020-03-21 00:12

Kate made a beeline straight to Prince Matthew's mansion, accompanied by her entourage of guards. All kinds of scenarios flew through her mind, each worse than the last, and she could've nearly broken the gates down in her haste to arrive. But the gates were wide open once she reached there, and only two guards were standing on either side on duty. Her ostentatious presence frightened those guards, who immediately fled indoors to report that she had arrived.

With an imperious wave of her hand, Kate instructed her people to follow her in. Their plan was to take Prince Matthew's mansion by surprise, but she never forgot her true purpose: Harper. Once they were through the perimeter, they went straight to the backyard.

As soon as they rounded the bend and entered the backyard, however, they were in for a surprise. They found Matthew and Harper seated out in the garden, with Harper nestled in his arms. She was unbothered by their appearance, merely smiling with a hand supporting her chin at the intruders.

"Oh! Why, if it isn't Lady Kate! What a surprise. Why have you come to see me today?" Harper's tone was all sweetness, and expressed no hostility whatsoever. It was almost friendly.

Kate made to speak, but when she opened her mouth, she couldn't make a sound. She realized that she couldn't say anything because she had lost her tongue. Harper would likely to be the one who had asked her people cut it off.

It was all nearly too much. Kate could feel her anger boiling over as she gnashed her teeth, glaring with all her might at Harper. She was keen to put her life on the line and obliterate Harper, so much that she gave her guard a glance. With a flash of her eye, she indicated one command: to kill Harper no matter what happened.

"Matthew, see how Lady Kate has so kindly brought so many people here to visit us? It's only proper that you should have them entertained. What about Barry and Jack? Surely they'll be able to keep our guests occupied. I'd love to see how capable they are." Arms draped around Matthew's neck, Harper's tone was indulgent and spoiled, though her voice seemed too weak to truly speak clearly.

At her words, Matthew's breathing seemed to pick up, and the expression in his eyes darkened dangerously. Immediately, he gestured to his

heir action, clearing away dead bodies and tending to the ground, so no drop of blood remained. Then they surrounded Kate, escorting her forcefully to Matthew, and made her kneel awkwardly before him.

At her presence, Harper finally poked her head out of Matthew's arms. She gave Kate's trembling form a glance and smiled with the gentleness of a saint. "Lady Kate, what happened? Why haven't you said a word?"

Everything Kate wanted to say dried up, much like her throat as she gazed up at Harper. She could barely heed the words that Harper spoke. All she knew at that instant was that though Harper had the smile of an angel on her lovely face, she was a devil from hell that would devour her without a second thought. She trembled at the thought.

Seeing Kate frozen to place with terror, Harper only felt bored. "I thought they said that Lady Kate was brave and fearless. You know, I didn't expect to see her paralyzed with fear by your fame, Matthew. How powerful you must be! Even mentioning your name can stop a child from crying at night!"

"My fame can't be that extreme if I can't frighten you at all," Matthew replied, his haughty, satisfied smile at her deepening.

"Who told you that, Matthew? Don't you know that you also scared me at first? I was so frightened that I'd avoid seeing you in the beginning. You remember that, don't you?" Harper pouted, but her tone was light and almost teasing. Now she turned her eyes to Kate. Her tone was gentle. "Lady Kate, would you like to know how your son died?"

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