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   Chapter 268 Kate's Counterattack (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6610

Updated: 2020-03-21 00:02

"How's Kate?" Kevin asked a maid, sounding very impatient. From the moment Hansen proposed to break off his engagement to Harper, Kate had been doing a lot of stupid things. Her reckless and overbearing behavior even indirectly led to the death of Hansen. When Kevin found out the truth, he was so furious that he started to show indifference toward her as punishment. With that, he was hoping Kate would get a hold of herself. However, she ended up being even more arrogant, leading herself to her just deserts—having her tongue cut off.

"Aargh!" Deep and ear-splitting cries in the dark night frightened everyone. Turning around, Kevin entered the room and gave Kate a rather vicious glare.

"It's late at night! Don't go screaming out like that!"

Kate pointed at herself in panic as she held her mouth open. Obviously, her tongue had been cut off. The imperial physician did all that he could to save her life, but she would have to live without a tongue forever.

"Why did you have your tongue cut off? What the hell did you do this time? What kind of people did you offend so that they became so furious and even broke into this mansion just to cut off your tongue?" Kevin realized that Kate must have done something to offend a person of great importance.

As she opened her mouth, Kate couldn't say a single word no matter how hard she tried. In the end, she thought about writing it down, so she asked a servant to bring her a pen and a piece of paper. With that, she immediately wrote a name. It was "Harper Chu."

"Are you talking about Matthew's wife?" Kevin found it hard to believe. In truth, he had already met Harper once before. That being said, from what he had known then, she might have indeed been a little domineering, but she was still nothing but a simple and stupid woman.

Nodding her head, Kate continued writing, "She hates Hansen after he broke off their engagement. She set up traps for him, and all of the tragedies that had happened to

ate, the wife of Prince Kevin whose tongue got cut off. When the people saw her coming out with armed guards before nightfall, wearing such a furious and arrogant look on her face, they couldn't help but think that she was out looking for a fight.

As soon as Kate left her mansion, the news got to Matthew right away, making his face darken in an instant. Obviously, Kate always made him feel so irritated.

Tugging on Matthew's sleeve, Harper told him, "Since Kate wants to visit our mansion, as the host, you must give her 'a real treat.' Our mansion is heavily guarded. It would be normal for some criminals who have broken in to be killed. Just be very careful and tell the guards not to harm Kate in any way."

"You want to play with her? All right, I knew you wouldn't let her do as she pleases. Fine then. Feel free to do whatever you like. I'll take the blame even if there are any consequences."

As a gentle smile crept onto her face, Harper whispered something right into his ear. And with a doting smile, he held her waist and said, "That sounds like a good plan. You probably wouldn't want to miss it. But you just woke up. Your body is still weak and you can't walk, so just let me do it for you."

Gently helping Harper get up, he walked out and gave the order, "Open the gate to greet Kate!"

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