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   Chapter 265 Cost (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6216

Updated: 2020-03-20 12:20

On the day she returned to the Chu Clan mansion, Nicole refused to meet with anyone. Her excuse was that she felt uncomfortable. That night, another incident shocked the whole imperial capital: an assassin broke into Prince Kevin's mansion and cut Kate's tongue off. Despite the tight security around the mansion, the perpetrator made a clean escape.

Kevin went berserk over it. He and his guards ransacked the whole capital for the suspect, but without success. The emperor was positively livid too. The deed was unfathomable to him—how could someone have the courage to trespass a royal clan? Beyond that, what kind of person could be so cold-blooded as to cut off a woman's tongue? He was certain that this wasn't a random crime—someone was challenging their rule.

"Investigate this matter carefully," he ordered one of his guards. "You must catch and execute the dastardly swine who did this!" When the emperor had thought that Matthew was permanently disabled because of his legs, he assumed that seizing his military power would be easy enough. But with Matthew recovering at a very fast pace, he felt his chance slowly fading away. In addition to that, he was still in the dark about the situation inside Matthew's mansion. 'That bitch, ' he thought to himself, angry at Harper, who still hadn't offered him any information he needed. 'She is useless!'

"Your Majesty," Andy said upon noticing the emperor's state of mind. "Please calm down." He handed him a cup of warm tea that had just been brewed. "Let the Patrol Battalion deal with the issue. I am sure that they will soon apprehend whoever did this to Princess Kate. Your Majesty, please put your health first."

The emperor took a deep breath before taking the cup of tea and sipping it. "I don't want to be angry, but look at this situation!" he shouted, his eyes wide with wrath. "An as

for that pill, have you?"

"What do you want?" Matthew asked directly. Although Chodak was a monk, he was still a worldly man. He had been hiding himself in the Bright Dynasty for some ulterior motive, while Matthew was just the one who could always help him to achieve his purposes.

"I want the roll of bamboo slips that the first emperor of the Bright Dynasty robbed from the former dynasty." Chodak poured a cup of tea with an elegant gesture and pushed it in front of Matthew. "Do you still want the Life-prolonging Pill?"

"Yes," Matthew replied without hesitation. "I will give you the bamboo slips. Now, give me the pill."

"Are you serious?" Chodak found it hard to believe that Matthew was agreeing to the bargain. To the best of his knowledge, that roll of bamboo slips contained a great secret of the previous dynasty, and the emperor had hidden it well. Was Matthew going to steal the bamboo slips from the emperor just in exchange for a Life-prolonging Pill? Was he crazy?

"Do I seem to be joking?" Matthew looked very serious. Harper had been in a coma for quite a long period of time. He was extremely anxious about her and feared that she would never wake up, so he was prepared to pay any price for that pill.

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