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   Chapter 262 Sick

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Matthew didn't order his guards to kill Johnson and Denny. He only had the both of them jailed. When they were sent inside, Rena was no longer in the cell.

"Where's my daughter Rena?" Johnson rushed towards the door. His eyes searched the whole cell, trying to look for Rena. "Matthew Jun, I hope you suffer a slow and painful death!" he cursed. "If you dare hurt my daughter, I will go to the ends of the earth just to make you suffer."

Denny fell down with a thud. When he pondered about what Matthew had said, his hatred for him continuously increased. The more he thought about it, the more he convinced himself that Matthew had wronged him. He performed treatment for him. It was only normal to expect payment. Denny treated him like a brother, and how did Matthew repay him? For the sake of some woman, Matthew sent that sweet and kind Rena to the military camp to be serve as a prostitute.

Denny could only feel utter hatred towards Matthew, Harper, and everyone else living in this mansion. He used to be respected by the people in the mansion. But he was chased away and snubbed. One day, he would prove to them that he was not that easy to bully.

Even though Harper was still in a coma, Matthew didn't want to leave her side. He lay down next to her, not even bothering to change. He placed his hand on top of hers, holding her gently and feeling her warmth.

"Harp, when will you wake up? Do you know how much you're making me worried?" No matter how many words he said, the frail figure of the woman in front of him laid still. It had been days since his last sleep and fatigue finally caught up to him. His eyes shut on their own and his consciousness started to fade.

Forsythia chose the right time to sneak a peek. She witnessed the sweet moment of Matthew sleeping soundly while holding Harper's hand. She didn't want to disturb them and quietly walked out.

"What did His Highness say?" Jack asked in a casual manner.

"His Highness has fallen asleep. He hasn't slept for several days. We'll talk about it when he wakes up." Forsythia lowered her voice. "I didn't expect Lady Kate to be involved in this matter. Did Prince Kevin know about this?"

"Because of her own son's death, Lady Kate intentionally mistreats other sons of Prince Kevin, who has never liked such behavior and thus ignored her ever since. However, a mysterious person always accompanies Lady Kate. That mysterious person is actually..."

"Hailey!" Forsythia answered with certainty. In the imperial capital, only Kate and the Chu Clan held a grudge against Harper. Members of the Chu Clan did not dare to lay their hands on Harper, but Hailey was different. She was reduced from being a noble lady to someone as lowly as a sewer rat because of Harper. In addition to that, it was supposedly Harper who had killed Kate's son. Grieving the death of his son, Kate was easily deceived and convinced that it was really Harper who had killed her son.

"Will you be able to catch Hailey?" Elsie asked with a trace of anger. If they could catch her, she thought that it would be better to end her life. She would remain a threat to Harper as long as she was breathing.

"She has been hiding inside Prince Kevin's mansion and doesn't even

f doubt. The others had no choice but to believe him.

"Where's Aunt Harper? Uncle Matthew. You're not hiding her, are you?" Lucas asked with a menacing smile.

"She's sick." Matthew looked at Lucas, his eyes piercing through his head. "Besides, she shouldn't be showing herself in public."

Lucas forced his lips to form a smile. As far as he knew, Harper was in charge of all the affairs inside Matthew's mansion. She even took care of his shops in the imperial capital.

"If she is sick, then it is only right for us to visit her," Felix interjected. He came here today with two purposes, namely to check on Matthew and to meet Harper.

"I already told you that she is sick and doesn't want to see anyone," Matthew said blatantly. "You can leave if you have nothing else to say. I'm quite busy."

Felix fumed in anger over Matthew's indifference. However, he also knew that he hadn't stood a chance against him even when he had been still crippled. Harper was nothing more than the emperor's spy. Felix decided to be patient. After all, it would be very difficult to plant another one inside Prince Matthew's mansion.

"Uncle Matthew, since you are busy, we will be taking our leave." Felix glanced on Matthew's legs once more. According to his resources, Johnson wouldn't be able to cure his legs. But Matthew was now standing in front of him with healthy legs. Felix believed that Johnson must have been controlled by Matthew. The real culprit behind Matthew's treatment was yet to be found.

"Bye," Matthew replied without batting an eye.

Lucas walked out first, followed by Felix. The moment they stepped outside the mansion, an enormous pressure came from the mansion. Guards suddenly appeared from nowhere, watching their every step. Something must have happened inside. They had no way of knowing unless they saw Harper.

As soon as Felix left, Matthew called for Barry.

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Go to Kevin's mansion and cut Kate's tongue off. I don't want to hear her voice anymore," Matthew said coldly. "Give her a little lesson first. Then, find Hailey and end her useless life!"

"Orders received, Your Highness."

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