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   Chapter 261 Shameless People (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5538

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"Yes, definitely she will regain her consciousness." Johnson was also shocked as they were of the belief that Harper would be sober in three days' time, but she didn't. They had waited for a whole night, and still, she showed no signs of waking up.

"Three days have passed." Mathew's voice was ice-cold.

"Your Highness, please give us three more days. Within these three days, Her Highness will be conscious!" Johnson pleaded in a low voice. Harper was unable to wake up owing to her weakness. It was not because of any mistake of them, but they didn't have the luxury of time. If they had more time, they could definitely make her come around.

Matthew sat silently on the bedside without uttering a word. His heart ached as he saw Harper still lying unconscious.

"Harper, it's dawn. It's time for getting up. The nanny would be bringing you the ginseng soup. If you don't get up now, she would laugh at you," Matthew said in a gentle tone.

Upon hearing this, Nina turned around and wiped off her tears secretly. Though she had often seen Harper getting injured, she had never witnessed her as cheerless as now. Harper was quietly lying there without comforting her or speaking tenderly to Anabel. Seeing this was upsetting for everyone around.

"Your Highness, Her Highness will wake up." Denny boldly stepped forward. "She is sleeping just because she is too weak. We have tried our best to nurse her. Even if she wakes up now, she still needs to be nourished. I'm afraid her complete recovery may take a year or so. Don't worry, Your Highness. I will do my best to nurse her."

"Yes, Your Highness. Her Highness will be fine," Johnson sa

ou acknowledge that you would kill me for my own good?" Matthew had tolerated Denny all the while as he had never crossed his line. However, Denny never bothered to correct his mistakes due to the prince's tolerance for him. Instead of standing down, he became even more excessive. He actually blamed Matthew for not protecting him anymore because he had no conscience.

"Your Highness, even if you and Denny made a deal, I and my daughter have no grudge against you. Why would she want to poison you? It must be a false charge by someone." Johnson knew that Denny was unable to help him anymore. At this moment, all he wanted was an excuse to get away or else, his daughter's life would end up in misery.

"You know better if somebody had framed her. I know your intention very well. But you'd better give up the idea. Even if I am going to die, I don't want your daughter!" Matthew said coldly. "A woman like her is a scourge to others! No matter how long both of you argue with me, the fact is that she is going to be sent to the military camp. You'd better worry about yourselves instead of her!"

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