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   Chapter 259 Wake Up

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 11224

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When Matthew opened his eyes, he was still in a daze. He just remembered that he couldn't bear the pain when he was taking the medicated bath. Before he passed out, he had noticed the panic look in Rena's eyes. At that time, he suspected that she had done something to hurt him. Therefore, he sat up at once.

"He's awake!" Zack murmured.

"What are you talking about?" asked Rufus, without realizing what had happened. Denny turned his head and saw Matthew sitting up. He was so surprised that he rushed to the bedside and checked Matthew's pulse.

"The toxins have been removed. You are fully detoxified. Congratulations, Your Highness."

Matthew did not speak. He looked at Zack with puzzled eyes and asked, "Zack, why are you here?"

Zack's expression had been neutral, but frost spread over his face when he heard Matthew's question. "Why am I here? Shouldn't I ask you?"

Matthew couldn't understand what Zack meant, but it didn't stop him from guessing what had happened, which was why Zack came to the mansion. He looked at Rufus, hoping that he could get an explanation from him.

"Your Highness, you have just woken up. Although you have been detoxified, you still need a good rest," Denny said quickly. For some reason, he felt uneasy. He was afraid that Matthew would discover that Harper was in a coma in order to save him.

However, Rufus didn't care about Denny's thoughts at all. "Your wife invited him after your detoxification failed. When you two were in a coma, he was in charge of your mansion. By the way, she has arrested Johnson and his daughter."

"What do you mean? We two were in a coma?" Matthew looked suspiciously at Denny. He had an intuition that many things had happened during his coma, and that Harper might have been hurt, so he couldn't relax.

"It's... Umm..."

"Tell me!" Matthew shouted angrily, which made Denny tremble with fear. Denny didn't know what to say.

"Let me tell you," Zack said, standing in front of Matthew. "Something was wrong with your medicated bath. An aphrodisiac was added to it, causing a burst of toxins in your body and endangering your life. At that time, Denny and Johnson as well as Rena hid the fact that your detoxification failed. Rena seized the opportunity to attempt the assassination of Harper, planning to frame Harper for the failure of the detoxification."

"Your Highness, Rena was just worried about you. She didn't mean to hurt Her Highness. Besides, Her Highness didn't really get hurt at all!" Denny explained in a hurry, to defend Rena.

But Zack ignored Denny and continued, "Harper put Rena under restraint. She guessed that you were in danger. Then she commanded her men to break in and restrain Johnson and Denny. Finally, she invited Rufus and me here. Your guard, Barry, knows everything from beginning to end. If you don't believe me, you can ask him."

"How is my Harp?" Matthew asked worriedly.

"She is in a coma." Taking a deep breath, Zack took out a small box from his pocket and threw it to Matthew. "Harper asked me to give this to you after you woke up. Since you are awake already, I'm leaving now."

"Thank you, Zack." Matthew stopped Zack, who was just about to leave.

"Matthew Jun, since you have made every effort to marry this woman and keep her by your side, you should protect her well." Zack walked to the door and sto

tter was brought up, who could guess what Matthew would do to Rena!

"Three days. You only have three days." Matthew didn't look back, but just gently put Harper's hand into the quilt. "Three days later, if my wife can't wake up, I will send Rena to the military camp. Don't worry. There are military physicians in the camp, and I will never let her die. I will force her to live a life worse than death."

"Your Highness, you can't do this!" Denny was nervous. "Rena...Rena is innocent!"

"Is my wife not innocent?" Matthew turned his head and looked at Denny, who was kneeling on the floor. "I was too lenient with you, so you have even forgotten that she is my wife!"

"Your Highness, Rena—"

"It's your own business that you care for Rena, but you made a serious mistake. You shouldn't have hurt my woman! You'd better make sure that my wife will wake up within three days. Otherwise, I'll force you to see Rena's humiliation every day!" Matthew was furious, like a mad lion.

Denny fell to the floor, in a difficult position. Johnson finally realized the situation and panicked. When they were negotiating with Matthew, they both had forgotten one thing. It was rumored that Matthew was cold-blooded and bloodthirsty. This wasn't a groundless rumor. It was the truth. Although Matthew truly was a sanguinary person, he kept this side of himself hidden all the time. When a tiger concealed its sharp teeth, it was still a tiger!

"Your Highness, we will try our best to cure Her Highness." Johnson finally came to his senses. He could save his daughter only if Harper woke up. He must have been blinded by something in the beginning. He had thought that his daughter would be happy if she were married to such a man, and he even forced Matthew to agree to divorce his wife and marry Rena. If Matthew had really agreed to marry Rena after a divorce, perhaps she would have died silently the next day after his detoxification.

"Trying your best is not enough. You must cure her; otherwise, all of you will die." There was no sign of warmth or affection remaining in Matthew's eyes. He would help his friends at any time, but there was a line that even his friends and his brothers couldn't cross, and Harper was that line!

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