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   Chapter 258 Fall Into A Coma

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 11111

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Denny looked at Harper in disbelief and couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Are you kidding me, Your Highness?" Denny asked, puzzled at the situation.

Harper sneered, a smile creeping onto her face. "Do you think I'm someone who will joke about my life?"

"But His Highness was poisoned severely. I've tried my best over the years but failed to detoxify him. You said that you could with the blood in your heart. Wasn't that a joke?" Denny had thought Harper had gone mad. If she could detoxify Matthew with the blood in one's heart, Denny would have killed countless people and taken their blood to save Matthew.

Without answering, Harper slit Matthew's wrist and then dripped the black poisoned blood into a teacup before slitting her palm. As her fresh blood dripped, the poisoned blood turned into a bright crimson color.

"Your blood..." Denny gasped at the sight.

Harper's blood continued to flow into the teacup. "I'm immune to any poison. But Matthew's toxins are so ferocious that blood alone can't detoxify him. I was supposed to use the poison of the Tribulation Flower to suppress the toxins in his body and then use the Golden Cicada which is raised with my fresh blood to detoxify him." Harper's voice drawled. "But you three destroyed everything."

"What?" Denny couldn't believe what he was hearing. He pulled himself together. "Aren't you a spy sent by His Majesty? Why would you sacrifice yourself to save His Highness?" Ultimately, Harper was an enemy, a spy sent by the emperor. She wouldn't risk her life simply for Matthew's sake.

"When did I become His Majesty's spy? Is it because His Majesty betrothed me to Matthew? Who do you think can force him to marry me if he insists not?" Harper demanded.

Denny's mouth left agape, he was unable to refute her. No one could force Matthew to do what he didn't want to. Matthew had killed his three fiancees because he didn't want to marry them. He would never marry a woman he didn't want.

"So..."The air was thick, almost suffocating.

"She has been working for His Highness from the very beginning," Barry explained. After all, he had known Denny for years and didn't want his paranoia taking over. "Your enmity towards Her Highness is very obvious, thought you may not have noticed that. Didn't you notice that the secret guards around Her Highness have doubled in number since you returned to this mansion? It was His Highness arranged this. As long as the three of you take any action against Her Highness, he will have the three of you killed right here."

Denny forced a wry smile. He was worried that Harper was a spy, so he stood his guard against her. He had even tried to instigate Matthew to divorce his wife and marry Rena. If Matthew didn't divorce, Denny had even planned to kill Harper. But in Matthew's eyes, to everyone's surprise, Harper was more important than anyone else.

"It's dangerous to extract blood from your heart. You'll die if it's not done right," Denny said before he hesitated for a moment. "If you die in the process—"

"Don't worry," Harper cut him off. "You don't need to do it. What you need to do is detoxify Matthew as I say. I'll take the blood myself." She paused before letting out a sigh of relief. "But remember, you only have seven days. If neither I nor Matthew wakes up in

enny, when will His Highness wake up?" he asked.

"Her Highness said he would awaken in seven days at the most." There was a sense of uneasiness in Denny's chest. The black color of Matthew's face faded. He didn't expect that the blood of Harper's heart could remove the toxins in Matthew's body. Many physicians had dreamed of such a special body nature. A drop of blood from Harper's heart could detoxify the most dangerous poison. When this spread, as well as the news that she had the Canon of Medicine, it was vital to keep her safe. It was only time when everyone would attempt to get a hold of her and keep her in captivity.

Zack didn't miss the gleam in Denny's eyes. He also pretended not to know that Denny secretly went to the prison to see Johnson and his daughter the past two days. He, too, was waiting for Matthew to wake up. Denny was Matthew's man. If Matthew was unwilling to punish Denny, Zack didn't mind doing him a little favor. He wasn't a bloodthirsty man, but for the people he cared about, he didn't mind turning into a demon, with his hands stained with blood.

"Zack, you're so kind to Her Highness. How could you risk being suspected by His Majesty and be in charge of the overall situation in Prince Matthew's mansion?" Rufus asked curiously. "Aren't you afraid that His Majesty will find out and do something to the Bu Clan?" If Matthew could get the help from the Bu Clan, he would get everything he wanted like a tiger with wings added.

Playing with a stone in his hand, Zack didn't say a word but occasionally looked at Matthew lying in the room. Three days had passed, and the prince's complexion was getting better, but Harper's only looked worse. If the situation continued, would she die before Matthew could wake up?

"I'm just helping Harper instead of His Highness," he finally responded. "Just like you, who would believe that you have a good relationship with Prince Matthew?"

Rufus smiled indifferently. "It's well known that I'm a fearless rascal and care about nothing. I'm at peace with everyone. It's normal for me to be around His Highness."

"Really?" Zack asked, his tone emotionless. He took a peek inside, and his eyes widened. Was Matthew moving?

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