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   Chapter 257 I Have No Regrets (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6517

Updated: 2020-03-20 00:02

"Don't worry about anything, okay? I'll make sure to protect your mansion with all my might until you wake up."

It took some time to prepare everything before Harper was finally ready to enter the prison and confront Denny. But when Johnson and his daughter sighted her, they were immediately furious. "Harper Chu, how dare you show your face to us! You deliberately gave us the wrong way to detoxify His Highness. You were plotting to destroy our reputation and disgrace us!"

Without even taking a look at them, Harper turned to Denny and said, "Matthew's toxins in his body broke out. He would die if we can't detoxify him before sunset."

Denny paled slightly at her words. He knew that there was only one way out of that situation now: Matthew was going to die, unless he was somehow cured. And yet he was now powerless to do anything about it. There was nothing else he could do.

"Denny, I need your help," Harper murmured softly, her eyes intent.

"Denny, don't you dare put any trust in this conniving woman," Johnson retorted. "She's only trying to use you for her own gain!" He wasn't about to stand there and let Harper have her way.

"My help? How? To take the blame instead of you?" Denny snapped, mocking.

Harper only replied calmly, "There is an aphrodisiac added to Matthew's medicated bath. Did you put that into the bath because you fell in love with him? Or did you want to lead him to another woman's bed?"

"Aphrodisiac? I don't know about anything like that!" Denny denied immediately. "The detoxifying process is incredibly delicate and needs absolute caution. I wouldn't interfere with it with anything like that."

"So it wasn't you, then? Then who could it be?" Harper now leveled her gaze at Johnson and his daughter. "You were the one who prepared the medical materials, weren't you? And you prepared the medicated bath. Only the three of you were present during that time. This only means that one of yo

sfully ignorant of what Harper was implying, but there was no doubt that every man there knew what she was saying. After she was thrown into a military camp of nothing but savage men, they were going to end up ravaging her.

"Johnson Leng, I'm afraid that I'm not the type of person that tolerates that kind of language. If I hear any more of those words from you, I'll have them cut your tongue off!" Harper coldly snapped. "Do you realize what position you're in right now?! You and your daughter have endangered my husband's life! Instead of examining your own guilt and conscience, you choose to insult me. Don't take me for a weak woman, as you'll find you're sorely mistaken. The imperial capital is not your own personal Medical Valley that bows to your will and you've free reign to do harm as you wish. I suggest that you not dare act entitled here."

Rena was just about to retort right back but Johnson immediately stopped her. There was no doubt that Harper was going true to her word. She had every intention of killing them, and if they were to go too far, she might just have it commanded in a second.

Finally, Denny picked up the poison pill and swallowed it with a determined expression. "I'm holding to my word. I've taken the pill. Now tell me what you want me to do next."

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