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   Chapter 254 Take Both Of Them Down (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6947

Updated: 2020-03-19 13:03

Rena rushed out of the room and went straight to the Phoenix House. A cold light flashed in Barry's eyes as he set his sights on Rena. Before entering the room for detoxification, Matthew had ordered Barry to ensure that Harper was safe if he was not the first one to come out.

Rena, however, didn't have the slightest idea about the arrangement Matthew had just made. Only one thought was lingering in the back of her mind. That was, she had to make sure that Harper would die before Matthew so that they would be able to accuse her of poisoning Matthew. That would clear her of any blame if Matthew died during his treatment.

"Harper Chu!" she shouted, as she kicked open the gate of the Phoenix House. With her sword unsheathed and already in her hand, she bolted towards Harper, exclaiming, "Bitch, go to hell!"

Harper was sitting in the yard at that time, restless like a cat on hot bricks. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in the chest like she was having a heart attack. Just then, Rena broke into her house.

Harper's heart sank, but she was unable to move because of the pain. The pain that she was feeling was incomparable to anything she had felt before and it made her breath become labored. She wanted to ask for help, but the only person she was with was Nina, who unfortunately couldn't fight.

"Guards!" Nina shouted at the top of her lungs. "Help us! An assassin is attacking us!"

Rena had already thought that killing Harper would be a piece of cake, but she never thought that she would be this lucky. Harper's two maids who were good at fighting were nowhere near her at that time, and the only person she was with was a girl who didn't have any set of fighting skills. A huge smile started spreading across Rena's face. Her plan was to go straight to Harper, but upon seeing Nina, she couldn't help but kick her out of the way. When she came face to face with Harper, she pointed her sword at her, ready to strike. Without a doubt, Rena was hell-bent on killing Harper.

Harper, on the other hand, was ready to fight back. Before she could, howev

o where Matthew was.

Johnson and Denny were silent as they walked. Both of them were deep in their thoughts about what to do next. Soon, they came upon Harper, who, despite looking pale, still looked like a fairy when the light shone on her. This illusion, however, was broken with the words that came out of her mouth.

"Arrest both of them!" Harper ordered without hesitation. The secret guards came in one after another, and took both of them down in lightning speed.

"Harper Chu, what are you trying to do?" Denny shouted as he was being tackled to the ground. His shaky voice made it obvious how anxious he was. "What are you doing? Why are you arresting me? His Highness is in deep trouble, and by doing this, you are putting his life in danger! Are you aware of that?"

Whatever Denny was saying, Harper was uninterested. She slowly stepped forward and saw that Matthew was still in the medicated bath. His body had turned black, and it seemed to her that his pulse was feeble. She entered the room quietly, touched the water with her finger and smelled it carefully.

Suddenly, a voice rang out. "Wow, what a spectacular scene! What transpired here?" Everyone turned around to see where the voice was coming from. They all saw Rufus, who was dressed in a coquettish manner. "Barry, why do you look so uneasy? Are you unhappy to see me? Does His Highness want to..."

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