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   Chapter 253 An Accident Happened (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5638

Updated: 2020-03-19 10:58

"It is said that she once killed the unborn baby of General Maxwell due to her poor medical skills. She almost lost her life because of that mistake. I don't imagine that she has even learnt a lesson from it," Johnson said in a sarcastic tone. "Such a reckless woman. Rena, you don't need to contend with a woman like her. She will die of her arrogance."

Denny didn't say anything. Harper was not a bad person from his point of view. Her only fault was that she had offended Rena. He didn't really want to take a stand between Rena and Harper.

When Denny was sunk in his thoughts, he didn't notice Rena's movements. When no one was looking, she put her hand into the bath barrel, pretending to test the temperature of the water. Nobody but her knew of her real intention.

"The toxins are about to subside. Prepare the Golden Cicada!" Seeing that the toxins in Matthew's body had gradually stabilized, Johnson knew that the toxins had been neutralized by the toxic substance from Tribulation Flower. The toxins were evenly balanced in his body, waiting for the Golden Cicada to break the balance and absorb all of the toxins at the same time.

The toxins in Matthew's body were stable for no more than an instant, and then the balance collapsed. They spread all over his body, which stunned both Johnson and Denny. "What's going on?"

"Aargh!" The pain was too much for Matthew to endure. He let out a shrill scream. The toxins broke out, and he felt as if his bones and muscles were in flames. The pain in every inch of his skin overwhelmed him.

"Hurry up to release the Golden Cicada!" Johnson was a little shocked. He hoped that the Golden Cicada could keep the situation

stance from Tribulation Flower and Golden Cicada, had turned his body into a container of poison. His body would not last through the night.

"The first thing to do is to lure Golden Cicada out from his body!" Johnson said calmly. "The Golden Cicada loves poison. We must feed some poison to lure it out of His Highness's body!"

However, despite all their best efforts, the Golden Cicada would not come out of Matthew's body. To the Golden Cicada, Matthew was the best source of poison, and the other poison couldn't compete with it.

"Master, why don't we ask Harper for help now? Maybe she can help us." Sweat gathered on Denny's forehead. His hands shook slightly, and his heart was beating fast. Matthew's pulse was so weak that Denny was about to lose it. If it went on like this, they would surely die along with Matthew.

"Since she deliberately plotted against us, how could she hand over the recipe of the antidote? Perhaps she will take advantage of this to have us killed!" Johnson shook his head and refused Denny's suggestion. No matter what, he would make sure to have Harper blamed for the poisoning.

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