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   Chapter 251 Shameless (Part Two)

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"You're talking nonsense. We're not after his wealth, but the Tribulation Flower is not something to be taken lightly. It was Rena's mother who traded her life for it. It was her dowry and if His Highness were to take her dowry, then he should marry her. You are such a vicious woman. You have a way to save your husband, but you chose not to help him. Such a malicious woman doesn't deserve to be called a human!" Johnson was becoming more and more aggressive.

"Since you are not greedy for any kind of wealth, can you just give me the Tribulation Flower? I will tell you the whereabouts of the Canon of Medicine. It only has one copy that will cease to exist if I destroy it. And you can have another Tribulation Flower in three years," Harper offered with a smile. "Do you want the book?"

"Did you find the treatment method from the Canon of Medicine?" Johnson excitedly asked.

"Father, don't be fooled by her. Denny told us that she doesn't have the Canon of Medicine!" Rena quickly exclaimed. She was afraid that if her father gave away the Tribulation Flower in exchange for the Canon of Medicine, she wouldn't be able to become Matthew's woman.

Johnson also realized that he was about to fall into Harper's trap. "If you really care about His Highness, you should just give us the Canon of Medicine!"

"On what grounds?" Harper asked. She thought that they must've been joking.

"Because you are His Highness's wife!"

"Oh, you still remember that I'm his wife? I thought you've already forgotten." Harper emphasized on her every word with sarcasm. "If he wants the Canon of Medicine, I would gladly hand it to him in an instant. But it's you who is asking. I'm sorry but I would rather use it to make a fire than give it to you!"

"You're going too far, Harper Chu!" Johnson's face turned pink due to his anger. "If you just hand over the Canon of Medicine and ask for a divorce, I will cure His Highness!"

"Without the Golden Cicada and the trea

use he had seen Rena's and her father's true color.

"Your Highness, I really love you. As long as it's for your recovery, I can give up anything. I'm giving you the Tribulation Flower with my bare hands. I am not Lady Harper who threatened you into marrying her with the Golden Cicada and the treatment method. I only hope for your safety," Rena stated in a calm voice. Her intentions were clear. She wanted to ruin Matthew and Harper's relationship. She even presented the Tribulation Flower in her hands to show that she was a pure and generous person.

"Oh, don't you want to be my concubine?" Matthew sarcastically asked.

Rena immediately responded, "I don't—"

"Yes!" Johnson rushed over and interrupted Rena, "Your Highness, my daughter is kind-hearted and she's just too shy to admit it. But as a father, I don't want her to suffer from her unrequited love for you. At the very beginning, she didn't agree to threaten you. She was planning to give you the Tribulation Flower all this time, but I insisted that you marry her. When we find out that Lady Harper threatened you to marry her, we obviously don't want to do the same thing to you. But please let Rena serve you as a concubine. Please relieve her of this unrequited love. Please do us this favor and we will try our best to detoxify you!"

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