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   Chapter 248 An Ass (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7394

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No sooner Harper had stepped inside the mansion than Rena came up to her with a smug smile.

"Your Highness, I heard that it was you who had mentioned that the Tribulation Flower can cure His Highness. Is this true?" Rena asked arrogantly.

Harper knew that the presence of the head of Medical Valley did not come without a price. Matthew must have made an agreement with him and his daughter. With the way Rena was approaching her, Harper was certain that this conversation would not end without her knowing the conditions.

"No," Harper responded immediately. It was evident that Rena was aiming to get a rise out of her, and Harper did not want to give her that satisfaction. It would be best to ignore people like her.

Rena was stunned at her answer, unable to speak. She had not conceived this encounter much more differently, and she had not expected that Harper's answer. After a long pause, she said haughtily, "I see. Well, no matter whether it was you or not, I will be His Highness's concubine soon. I thought I should tell you the good news personally."

"Hm." Without raising her head, Harper acknowledged Rena's announcement quietly. After her bare response, she kept quiet, turning pages of the book in her hands, as if what Rena said was of no interest to her.

Once again, Rena was shocked at her aloofness. She had been anticipating this conversation. The image of Harper's furious face brought her pleasure. She had even gone as far as thinking that Harper would storm into Matthew's quarters and raise a commotion after finding out that her husband would be bringing another woman into the house not long after their marriage. Any ordinary woman would definitely take that course of action. However, Harper was no ordinary woman. The beginnings of anger brewed inside Rena's gut as she watched Harper's nonchalance. How can she be so calm?

"Is that all you have to say?" Rena couldn't hold back from asking. This was not the way she wanted things to go. She wanted to see Harper's calm face twist with anger. The woman's calmness had always infuriated her. Rena longed for the day when Harper was detested and abandoned by Matthew. She believed it would be inevitable, even if he w

e paper in her hands and turned to leave quickly. It was her own small victory. She had not thought that Harper would be handing over the method so quickly, especially after she had tried to purposefully stoke her anger.

Rena came straight to Matthew with the piece of paper in her hands. "Your Highness," she greeted him cheerfully. "Her Highness has shared with me the method to detoxify you. We can proceed with these directions."

Matthew unfolded the piece of paper and read it silently. After he had finished, his mouth twitched into a slight smile and he asked, "Did Harper give it to you?"

"Yes, it's Her Highness who gave me the method to detoxify you," Rena answered. "Your Highness, is it possible that you would not be opposed to marry me as long as you have been detoxified..."

"Have you read for yourself what she wrote down on the paper?" Matthew asked her suddenly. Rena was evidently thrown back by his question. Matthew frowned as he saw the confusion in her features. This woman had been foolish to provoke his wife.

"No, I haven't. Is something the matter?"

"Take a look." Matthew handed the paper back to Rena and she did as he had told. She read the words aloud. However, instead of instructions, she found that a poem had been written on it. It spoke of plum blossoms, flowers, water, green, and other images of spring. What she failed to deduce was that Harper actually called her an ass with the homophonic allusion of these words.

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