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   Chapter 238 Different Thoughts (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6753

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Harper came out of the mansion and came across Isabella and her daughter. She stopped in her tracks as they made their way toward her. "Lady Isabella, Caroline," she greeted them.

"Harper," Caroline returned her greeting familiarly.

"Your Highness." Isabella cast a disapproving glance toward her daughter. She was about to bow as courtesy, but was quickly stopped by Harper.

"Please. There is no need to be so distant, Lady Isabella." Harper held the older woman's arm. "Or is it that you want to cut off ties with me after I married into Prince Matthew's mansion?" Her tone was serious but humor twinkled in her eyes.

Isabella laughed and said, "How could I? You should be the one worrying. I am not so sure I can let you go even if you order me to."

"Harper, your name is the only thing of my mother's topic at home. She is constantly anxious about how you are in Prince Matthew's mansion. She wonders aloud if you are suffering, and if you are living happily. Alas..." Caroline sighed while Isabella had a disbelieving look on her face. "Not a day goes by that she doesn't tell me to come and visit you."

"How rude!" Isabella exclaimed, glaring at Caroline. "How could you talk about your own mother like that?"

Harper held back the chuckle that was threatening to escape her. Composing herself with a smile, she said, "I am grateful for your concern, Lady Isabella, but you do not need to worry so much. I am alright." Noticing someone's absence, she added, "Why haven't I seen Zack? I thought he would also come to the tea party today. Why didn't he come here?"

"My brother did come with us, but he was held back by Shawn. They were conversing as they walked. They will come together later," Caroline answered. Then, she reached out and took Harper's arm. "Harper, is Prince Matthew here?"

"Yes, he is. What's wrong?" Harper asked, keeping the smile on her face.

"Truthfully, I am a little scared." The image of Matthew's stoic, unreadable face passed through Caroline's mind. His cold e

r picked up on her tension, but said nothing. "She is old now, so it is inevitable that there are times when she would weaken," she said, then shifted the subject. "Your Highness, it is really hard for you to come to the party. Nanny Belinda, please escort her."

"Yes. Thank you." Belinda clutched Nicole's arm and helped her walk forward. When they were some distance away, Nicole snorted coldly.

"She called me Mother before she got married. Now that she is Prince Matthew's wife, it seems that she has grown arrogant. 'Your Highness, ' she calls me." Nicole was unsatisfied with the whole situation. "What conceit! She is merely a prince's wife. Her position in his mansion is not even stable."

"Your Highness, this is Prince Matthew's mansion," Belinda reminded her. "Please hold your temper. Lady Harper is now a princess, and her status is naturally different. But you can think of it this way instead. Now that she is married, she will stay out of your way."

"Yes, she is married, but she still has control over a son of Charles' concubine. Not even Charles himself knows where she has sent him. She just keeps on meddling!" The flow of conversation only heightened Nicole's displeasure. There had been word going around for a long time that Alexander was smart, and people were saying that he only got along well with Harper.

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