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   Chapter 237 Value (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5900

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"Are you even unable to find her?" Zack didn't doubt that Shawn Shen would be able to find his girl as long as he wanted to.

Shawn frowned and replied, "She was still young when I first met her, and I have returned from the border in order to look for her. She should be sixteen years old now."

"Have you found her yet?" Zack asked, concern showing on his face.

"No, I haven't. After all, I can't tear girls' clothes off to check them," Shawn Shen replied, his face flushing with embarrassment. "I only remember that there is a birthmark on the back of her waist. Five years have passed, and I don't know what she looks like now. However, I'm not in a hurry. I'm not going to leave this time, so I have plenty of time to seek her out."

"Shawn, sometimes we lose the object of our desires when we arrive too late. Don't you fear that she will have already married when you find her?" Zack didn't mean to hurt Shawn Shen. After all, his observation might be true.

Hearing that, Shawn Shen stiffly turned to look at Zack. He had never considered this possibility. As if the idea had suddenly dawn on him, he said, "It's impossible."

"Why not?" Zack questioned back. "It's not uncommon for a sixteen-year-old girl to be married."

Shawn Shen had no idea if the girl would still be unmarried when he found her. "But I don't know where she is now. I only saw her once in the Imperial Palace. At that time, I didn't know which clan she was from. I only remember that she dragged me out of the water, and I didn't see her birthmark until her clothes were inadvertently torn open."

"If you only remember the birthmark, it will be difficult to find her," Zack said smilingly. "You can't undress all the young ladies in the imperial capital to check the bi

deliberation, not giving Chodak any chance to make him regret his moves.

"She trusts you because she doesn't know she has been deceived," Chodak replied slowly. "But I have witnessed her medical skills. She could even save the lady of the Bu Clan who had stopped breathing. No wonder you coaxed her to marry you."

"Our betrothal was by decree of His Majesty," Matthew responded expressionlessly. Although he had hidden something from Harper, he really loved her, which would remain unchanged.

However, Chodak didn't believe for a moment that Matthew really loved her. As a man who had grown up in the royal family, how could he know what love was? In their eyes, people were divided into two groups: useful and useless. They could be infinitely generous to those who were useful, but with regard to useless people, they didn't care whether they lived or died.

"You are not an ordinary person." Chodak looked at the board, where his stones had been put in jeopardy, and said, "Can't you be a little bit more merciful in making your moves?"

"I am accustomed to doing my best in all things," Matthew said as he placed his last stone on the board. "You've lost!"

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