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   Chapter 236 Value (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6423

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A tea party was going to be held in Prince Matthew's mansion, and this aroused many people's interest and curiosity. In the past few years, Matthew had neither held any banquet nor invited anyone to his mansion. Now, not long after his marriage, Harper would host a tea party to which everyone was invited.

"What sort of plans are brewing at Prince Matthew's mansion?" This question puzzled a lot of people. Matthew kept a low profile as possible as he could because the emperor was so afraid of his military power. Thus, how surprising it was that a tea party was going to be held in his mansion to invite all the ladies from the noble clans!

"It's said that it was Lady Harper who had proposed hosting this tea party," someone said. "Maybe Her Highness wants to strengthen her relationships with other clans."

"I've heard that Master Chodak of the Holy Chant Temple has accepted the invitation. Today, he will preach in Prince Matthew's mansion." It was well known that many noble clans had invited Master Chodak from time to time, but he had rejected all of their invitations. In that light, it was surprising that he had accepted the invitation to Prince Matthew's mansion.

"Look! There come the entourage from the Holy Chant Temple!" someone exclaimed among the crowd. Everyone's eyes were drawn to the Holy Chant Temple's sedan chair carried by eight men. With a piece of white veil swinging around him, Chodak, who was sitting in the seat made in the form of a lotus flower, charmed the crowd with his fine countenance like that of an immortal in a painting, and thus attracted a crowd of worshippers around him.

"Master Chodak shines forth in all his splendor as soon as he shows up, admired and worshipped by so many people," Zack said softly. "What do you think, Shawn?"

The man standing beside Zack was Shawn Shen, who cast a cold look at Chodak and then looked away as he replied, "The people of

he saw often. Although Zack was gentle and polite to everyone, he made few connections. Therefore, Shawn Shen concluded that the person Zack had his eye on must be someone he often dealt with.


"It's a pity. She has married Prince Matthew." Shawn Shen had heard that Harper had ventured to save Zack from an attack at night. Caroline had almost been killed that same night, but Harper had saved both of them. Shawn Shen never stuck his nose in other people's businesses, but he was quite interested in Harper. That was just the reason why he was willing to join the tea party at Prince Matthew's mansion.

"Shawn, do you have your eye on someone?" As they strolled towards Prince Matthew's mansion, Zack and Shawn Shen continued to exchange friendly words.

After remaining silent for a moment, Shawn Shen answered, "Yes, but I don't even know her name."

Zack was a bit shocked, so he turned sideways to look at Shawn Shen, who was one year older than him. Travis Shen was so anxious about his son's marriage that he had arranged many girls for Shawn Shen to choose, but he showed no interest in any of them. In order to resist his father's efforts, Shawn Shen went straight to the border. Travis Shen was infuriated, but he dared not push his only son too hard.

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