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   Chapter 235 Trust Me (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6422

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"Matthew!" Harper blurted out, feeling so irritated. "What on earth do you think you're doing? Hand me the letter this instant!"

"I don't like the way you're treating your own husband!" he exclaimed. "Next time, don't throw away the porridge out of the window in front of so many people. I ate it after you left, and it was kind of embarrassing."

Out of surprise, Harper's face was distorted. "What? So you went out of the room and licked the porridge on the ground?"

"You threw it out of the window, but Jack managed to catch it. He brought it back for me," Matthew answered, feeling so embarrassed.

"Well, Okay! I assumed the bowl of porridge had already overturned, and you actually licked it clean like a dog," Harper said as she gave him a look of disgust.

As he looked at the proud expression Harper had on her face, he burst into laughter. "Do you want to see your brother's letter or not?"

"Of course I want it! Give it to me right now!" Grabbing the letter from his hand, Harper opened it and read it carefully. When she was done reading its contents, a vibrant smile crept onto her face, and she said, "Matthew, Alexander said he had got the third place in the Clivia School!"

"Oh, really?" Matthew was a bit surprised. Getting third place in the Clivia School was, by no means, an easy task. Moreover, from what Matthew had heard, Alexander didn't know much compared to other people. But he still managed to get third place after he entered the school. That only went to prove that he had made great efforts. "He's such a diligent guy."

"Well, I have to write back and prepare some of his favorite snacks, as well as some tonics. It's not so convenient to eat whenever he is by himself outside, so he needs to have enough money in his pocket. And I should prepare some medicine for him too, in case he catches a cold or something!" Harper went on and on, talking to herself.

Matthew, on

g over. And Chodak is going to be there as well," Harper casually said. "I don't know Chodak's schedule. Will he preach first? Should I make some speciall arrangement for me? At the end of the day, he is a very important figure in the eyes of the people who has a great reputation!"

"Chodak is coming over?!" Matthew suddenly remembered how he had torn up the invitation letter for Chodak, so how come that stupid bald man still got invited here?

"Well, I especially asked someone to invite Master Chodak. It's not just him alone, but also Zack, Carlson, and Lucas, as well as Marquis Travis' son. A lot of noble people are invited to the tea party this time," she said as she rested her chin on the palm of her hand. "If I remember correctly, Your Highness has a history with Marquis Travis, right?"

"Yes. Marquis Travis' wife used to be good friends with my mother, but..." At this point, the smile on his face disappeared completely, as though he was looking back on an unpleasant past.

"Should we refuse to accommodate the marquis?"

"That won't be necessary. You just prepare like you're supposed to. I'll also attend the tea party, so I won't be going to the military camp tomorrow!" Matthew said. "How can I not be present if I am the host of this mansion?"

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