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   Chapter 228 A Conflict (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6373

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Harper didn't want to stay in the Imperial Study for a moment longer, so she got up and was planning to take a walk outside. But to her surprise, she was stopped by Sherry, one of the emperor's concubines, and Kate, Prince Kevin's wife.

"Oh, Lady Harper. Where are you going in such a hurry?" Sherry asked with sarcasm.

"Lady Sherry, Lady Kate," Harper acknowledged. 'Damn it. They must have come here to trouble me, ' Harper silently thought.

"Well, when Hansen broke off your engagement, I didn't expect that it would do you any good. But if he hadn't done that, you wouldn't have been able to marry Prince Matthew and acquire a higher societal position. How lucky you are!" Kate stated and raised her left eyebrow. "You're so blessed."

"Thanks for your compliments, Lady Kate."

"I wasn't complimenting you!" Kate exclaimed in a sharp tone while glaring at Harper viciously. If she didn't have to consider her own dignity, she would have rushed in tearing Harper's face into pieces.

Harper only smiled as a response. She didn't take Kate's words seriously, even though Kate was so enraged that she wanted to slap Harper in the face. Sherry just looked on with a scornful smile.

Harper held Kate's hand and said, "Lady Kate, please behave yourself. You are a princess and so am I. My husband protects me at all costs. So I would suggest that before doing anything that you might regret, think about it twice."

"Are you threatening me?" Kate became more furious and her face was starting to distort. At first, she couldn't believe what the person in black had told her. But now, while she listened to Harper, she was starting to be convinced that Hansen's death was because of Harper!

Harper loosened her hold on Kate's hand and replied, "I hope you don't really mean that, Lady Kate. Let me remind you that we're of the same status, so it would be better for everyone if you don't me

n the future. Otherwise, you will⁠—"

"Harper Chu!" Kate couldn't stand it anymore. She suddenly pounced on Harper, trying to hit her. But Harper dodged and stretched out one leg, tripping Kate over. Kate then fell to Sherry. Both of them fell to the ground.

The maids cried in alarm after seeing that. They hurried to help the two ladies. Sherry had always been used to being taken care of. After she was helped up, she pointed at Harper and cursed, "You bitch, how dare you attack her! How dare you! Come on, take her down. On behalf of Prince Matthew, I will teach her a lesson today!"

Harper looked at the maids who surrounded her with interest and said, "Lady Sherry, please think this through."

"Do I need to think before giving you a lesson? You little bitch." Sherry wasn't afraid of anything at all. After all, the emperor had always supported her. She was so sure that if the emperor found out about this, he would surely punish Harper. And once the emperor decided to teach someone a lesson, then they had to suffer!

With her eyebrows raised, Harper didn't say anything. Instead, the corner of her mouth raised. Then she waved her arm to the maids around her, and some white powder flew. In the blink of an eye, Sherry's maids fell to the ground.

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