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   Chapter 227 A Chance (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6408

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He wrapped Harper in his arms and kissed her on her soft lips. It was only after a long time that he released her and said, "This is a punishment. Just now, you agreed that you would start calling me by name, but you called me 'Your Highness' again."

Harper blushed. She bit her lips and didn't know what to say in return. Words failed her and she turned around without looking him in the eye.

Matthew reached out and held her by the hand while saying, "Harp, I'm so glad to hear you say that. Three years are neither long nor short. If I am still unable to make you fall in love with me in the next three years, it can only mean that I am a loser and not worthy of your love. Of course, I will release you if that really happens."

Before Harper could answer, Barry entered in a rush and reported, "Your Highness, something has occurred in the military camp."

Matthew frowned and turned to look at Harper, who said, "You go and take care of matters in the military camp. I'll wait for you to come back."

Matthew nodded and then Barry hurriedly pushed the wheelchair for him. But not long after they left, someone came from the Imperial Palace.

"Your Highness, someone has come from the Imperial Palace," Noah reported in a stern voice. The person who came from the Imperial Palace had arrived at the same moment as Matthew left for the military camp, and this coincidence made Noah wonder if the two facts had some relation.

"Go and have a look."

The person from the Imperial Palace was Andy, an old eunuch who served the emperor. Since he had come to the mansion in person, there must be something serious.

"Lord Andy," Harper called out.

"Greetings, Your Highness."

"You needn't be so courteous," Harper said. "His Highness has gone out. Does His Majesty require anything from His Highness?"

Andy shook his head and replied, "Your Highness, His Majesty has ordered me to bring you

e mere purpose that you could enjoy your life in his mansion?"

Harper knelt silently, without offering any defense. The emperor was filled with fury as he saw her being in such a resigned attitude. Seeing that she would say no more without prompting, he continued, "What has Matthew been busy with recently?"

"His Highness usually stays in two places: his mansion and the military camp. In his mansion, he sleeps, eats, and reads files. But I have no idea what he gets up to in the military camp. As a woman, I am not allowed to go there." Harper answered all the emperor's questions, hoping that it did not appear that she was keeping anything back regarding Matthew.

"Nothing unusual?" Apparently, the emperor had little faith in Harper's accounts.

"There is nothing unusual," Harper replied in an affirmative tone. "His Highness rests in my house every night. At all other times, he just stays in his study to review his files. I entered his study several times and found that he was reading alone."

"Very well. Arise." The emperor didn't want to perturb Harper, even though he didn't get any useful information from her. "Keep a close eye on Matthew. Report to me if anything goes wrong."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Now you may go."

"Okay, I am leaving."

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