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   Chapter 219 Unbearable (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6551

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Despite all that was going on, Matthew still went to the military camp that day, saying there was something important going on. Hence, he wouldn't be with Harper for dinner. So during the meal, she spent her time discussing the decoration of the shop with Noah. Originally, Noah had been very skeptical of her abilities, and deliberately introduced to her the shoddiest and most mismanaged of Matthew's businesses. He had thought that this would move her to draw back, but instead she met the challenge directly, which had prompted Noah to look at her with new eyes.

Indeed, the changes Harper had instituted were sure to improve future business significantly, and showed that she had exceptional intelligence and business savvy. "Your Highness, the decorations are halfway completed, and the staff have been trained according to the rules and regulations you made," Noah reported. "Would you like to go in person to have a look after everything is ready?"

"Of course I'd like to. Since the shop will restart business soon, we need to invite influential people to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. So you will need to send out many invitation cards. Don't forget to invite Zack..." Harper paused, remembering then that Matthew was displeased at the mere mention of Zack's name. Adopting a more dispassionate tone, she continued, "We'll invite the siblings in Bu Clan, Carlson, and General Maxwell to attend the ceremony."

The corners of Noah's mouth twitched and he said, "Your Highness, it will be easy to persuade the siblings in Bu Clan to attend. After all, they are your friends. Carlson, too, will not be a problem. But General Maxwell..." He trailed off pointedly.

Harper did not raise her head. "Your only concern is to send him an invitation. Whether he comes or not, it's his own business. And when the guests are here, you need to make sure that you conduct yourself irreproachably. You must show them careful attention and enthusiasm a

n more closely than before.

"Also, send an invitation in the name of His Highness to Master Chodak of the Holy Chant Temple. I want him to attend the banquet!" Harper's smile had turned cunning. "If Master Chodak is going to be here, how can all those high officials still put on airs?"

Though Noah usually was very careful to control himself, his excitement and curiosity got the better of him. Others thought of him as cunning as a fox, which was true, but he now thought that Harper was much more cunning than himself. "Your Highness," he asked, "has anyone ever told you how devious and calculating you can be?"

"Why, absolutely not!" Harper replied, instantly became calm and graceful again. "I'm such a gentle, virtuous, and elegant woman. I would never so much as allow a sly smile to cross my face. You are quite mistaken. Well, anyway, if you have no questions, you can go now."

Very nearly speechless at the woman's duplicity, Noah mumbled, "Yes, Your Highness, I'll be going now. Excuse me." With that, he hurried from the room. He had just left the Phoenix House when someone appeared beside him and put an arm around his neck.

"Jack!" he cried, startled and irate. "Don't scare me to death like that!"

However, Jack laughed at his reaction. "Oh, Noah, you're in trouble now!"

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